Get your company ready to thrive this summer: Five top tips for trade business owners | Fergus

Get your company ready to thrive this summer: Five top tips for trade business owners | Fergus

Fergus, the job management software specialist, gives its five simple tips for trade business owners to get their company ready to bloom this summer.

Summer can be a very busy time for some trades, but not for others. For instance, the plumbing and heating sector often experiences a quiet period before the cold weather and ‘heating season’ returns in autumn. By following the same ideas, even those trades who suffer from a seasonal lull can still maximise the time now to prepare their business to prosper.


To grow and maintain your business successfully, you need to know which areas you can improve upon. Reviewing your business performance allows you to gauge your achievements and milestones.

At the same time, check your customer satisfaction levels. Collect any feedback and see where you’re kicking goals and where there may be room for improvement. Review your client list. How many new customers did you get? If your client list isn’t growing, it may indicate that you need a new marketing strategy.


Setting a goal brings everything into perspective. It’s a way to assess where you are right now and where you want to be by autumn. Your business goals for summer can be as simple as having a specific number of clients on your books or identifying the amount of profit you want to make.


Trying to juggle too many jobs at once, with no visibility across each team member’s movements throughout the day and every member of the team running an individual calendar, can mean scheduling conflicts occur. If you’re also unsure which materials are in stock, on backorder or with a supplier, you have yourself quite the headache.

By using a centralised scheduling system such as Fergus, you can take complete control of your schedule by assigning tasks to team members or clients, matching calendars with individual projects, viewing the progress of a job in real time, and breaking big jobs down into separate tasks. With this visibility across the whole team, you can maximise working time and profit.


Tradespeople often rely solely on referrals and word of mouth. However, a website is still vital in this day and age and can be a brilliant ‘shop window’. If you’re a small business and don’t have a website or haven’t updated it in years, now’s the time to revise it. Maybe you’ve updated your brand logo or perhaps you offer more services than what is currently listed on your webpage. Use a service like or GoDaddy to help you.


It’s important to plan your holiday time – after all you work to live, not the other way around. Get in touch with your clients to let them know of your holiday operating hours and when you’ll be back on deck.

Explain who to call instead or provide them with a call-back form/waitlist on your website where they can leave their details for you to get back to them once you return to work. If you have business management software, set up an out-of-office automated text and email to let your existing customers know that you’ll be away and on which date you’ll be back at work.

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