Go smart with Sylvania

Go smart with Sylvania

Modern lighting systems have the capabilities to enhance the efficiency and atmosphere of a property; whether commercial or residential. Sylvania talks through the smart options for installers.

With customer expectation growing for lighting systems, smart solutions for properties present new opportunities for forward-thinking professional installers.

A key understanding is that, in today’s challenging economic climate, 14% of all EU energy is spent on lighting resources, producing 41 million tonnes of CO2 every year.

Lighting controls and smart lighting, such as Sylvania’s SylSmart solution, can play an important role in saving energy and reducing costs, two issues customers would be keen to take advantage of.

However, the benefits for installers do not end there.

Easy installation

Some modern lighting solutions feature intelligent technology built-in to luminaires at the point of manufacture.

This ensures no extra control wires or complex cabling is required, allowing savings on installation costs.

This concludes to a quick, simple configuration, significantly reducing the time needed to add a lighting controls system to any building, benefiting both the installer and the end-user.

Without the need to hard-wire separate controls, installers can offer a flexible design that allows late changes in space layouts.

Historically, these changes would not have been possible.

Easy to program, simple to use

Installers should look for solutions that benefit from a simple setup and management system, which enables the grouping of connected lights and new scene settings.

In some systems, luminaires can connect wirelessly to each other, and specific control over luminaires can be processed via a mobile app (via the end user) or a system overview from the facilities management team.

From there the dimming level, colour temperature, and colour of each luminaire or group of luminaires can be set.

This easy to program capability separates intelligent lighting control from other systems that require manual programming.

It allows complete control over the lighting scene-setting capabilities.

Dynamic and timed scenes

This type of system permits scenes to be triggered automatically by the internal clock to ensure the right scene is set without lifting a finger.

Individual or groups of luminaires can also be set to have subtle or dramatic movements in their light-levels over time, changing the atmosphere of a whole space seamlessly.

Additionally, scene changes can be pre-programmed to ensure the environment always has the optimal lighting design, consistently operating at the exact moment.

Simple controls

Intuitive apps enable anyone to easily control their lighting environment.

As an alternative option, the configured wireless switch enables manual user control from a fixed device.

This introduces flexibility for the user, creating the option of managing lighting manually or automatically.

Resilient, scalable network

With no additional control hardware requirements, smart lighting systems offer scalability.

The controls are integrated into the luminaire and use wireless mesh networking between luminaires, removing the need for any central control hardware or gateways.

Mesh networking offers a more robust, easily scalable controls solution with all settings stored in the network.

Secure and safe

Wireless does not have to be unsecured. Standalone smart lighting systems, with no IT integration, feature security benefits.

As certain standalone systems cannot be accessed remotely, installers can provide peace of mind to their customers that intruders cannot access the system, which proves to be a robust and safe option.

Future-proof and green

With wireless updates, many systems can be updated automatically to ensure the controls are always up-to-date and running smoothly.

This means less maintenance and refurbishment is needed. In fact, this level of advanced lighting control can save businesses up to 87% in energy savings, achieving green building certificates such as BREEAM.

Systems that have spatial awareness or online control are often misinterpreted as being complicated, defective, or unsecure. These are misconceptions.

Sylvania’s dedication in producing innovative lighting solutions is shown through SylSmart.

SylSmart combines the benefits of an energy saving, intelligent lighting control system that can be tailored to best fit the environment.

From single room installations to entire property projects, SylSmart provides a unique solution for installers and end users alike.

SylSmart proposes three different solutions:

Standalone is a wireless lighting control system providing an easy to install and program experience with the flexibility to change light settings according to room functionality.

Connected is a highly intelligent, de-centralised lighting control system that enables businesses to adopt lighting controls with ease.

Beyond is SLIC – the SylSmart Lighting Innovation Centre, an initiative pushing the boundaries of collaboration aimed at delivering fresh thinking and true value to customers within a smart lighting infrastructure.

For more information on Sylvania’s SylSmart, visit: https://www.sylvania-lighting.com/en-gb/smart-solutions/sylsmart/.

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