HAGER AFDD Range w/ ProTools | Top Product Award 2022

HAGER AFDD Range w/ ProTools | Top Product Award 2022

Hager has this year ‘changed the game’ with the launch of its new AFDD. In addition to being available in MCB and RCBO format, every Hager AFDD comes with advanced ProTools, setting the benchmark in performance and support.

ProTools is the manufacturer’s pioneering diagnostic software that offers two unique elements to guarantee that the installer has the right tools at their disposal to ensure that AFDD installations perform in all scenarios. Equipped with built-in advanced diagnostics software, every Hager AFDD device benefits from the technology, ensuring that unwanted or operational trips are quickly detected and easily identified.

Once the Hager RCBO/AFDD or MCB/AFDD device has tripped, installers can quickly identify the cause for the disconnected circuit at the push of a button on the front of the device. The multicoloured LED display will flash in a different sequence of colours to identify the fault. With the ability to identify eight statuses, the device will instantly detect if a Series Arc, Parallel Arc, Overvoltage, Residual Current Fault, Overload, Short Circuit, AFDD failure or manual trip has occurred, saving time and improving diagnostic ability.


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