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Hamilton | Turnkey Solution

Hamilton Litestat’s Marketing Manager, Gavin Williams discusses some of the issues faced by installers when purchasing products for a domestic wiring installation and how this has spurred the company into broadening its own product portfolio.

Purchasing the right products for domestic wiring installations can be a costly minefield. We’re spoilt for choice, with quality and cost varying greatly. When margins are tight, a cheaper option seems appealing, but that ‘easy to install’ claim could be false, or a third party product could turn out to be incompatible. Yet, at the other end of the scale, being more expensive doesn’t necessarily result in a more effective solution.

This issue was raised by installers during our regular contractor days. They want a solution to ensure they don’t receive costly call backs for replacement of faulty or unsuitable products. The solution seemed simple – purchase everything from a single manufacturer as they will have done all the design legwork to ensure compatibility and quality across the range.

It’s this that has driven Hamilton’s recent product development programme, which has expanded into a complete turnkey solution for all domestic wiring needs.

1. Circuit Protection – moving out of the shadows
For Hamilton, the first thing to review was circuit protection products. We spoke to installers and found a common theme. They wanted a consumer unit that – to put it bluntly – wasn’t ugly! Consumer units are a necessity purchase but they wanted customers to be happy with them rather than hiding an ugly box away in a cupboard or under the stairs.

We took this feedback and developed a consumer unit that balances form and function. It has the quality and look expected of a Hamilton product with a sleek, curved design that doesn’t seem out of place in a kitchen or hallway. Ease of installation has been made a priority with a large accessible wiring space and removable gland plates on the top and bottom, each retained by two screws. Two knockouts at the rear further improve ease of use, while cable entries are positioned for quick and simple access to devices. Finally, for peace of mind, unique fireproof gland protection adaptors and a fail-safe drop-down lid optimise safety.

The Circuit Protection range was completed with a metal fused switch, engineered to the same high quality and to work seamlessly with the consumer unit. It’s an ideal solution for domestic premises and outbuildings, apartments and student accommodation. We’ve received great feedback on the range, with demand high and large contracts with local authorities secured.


2. Electrical Wiring Accessories – contemporary and classic
We’re well-known for providing quality electrical wiring accessories and offer 17 designer collections of controls, switch plates and sockets in a range of materials and finishes, from the contemporary and affordable Vogue white plastic range to the classic metal Hartland CFX collection. We also offer wood finishes or even custom-made solutions to suit any interior design scheme.

Flexible grid solutions allow separate modules to be quickly clipped together on the grid to create any combination on-site, coming in traditional Grid-IT format or the new Micro Grid option. For areas with especially high electricals usage we can provide 1-12 gang grid front plates with a vast range of modules. Either the plate or the module can be marked with identification words or symbols.

We also supply shaver sockets for the bathroom, while for the lounge and bedroom there are data media plates to support TV, internet and telephone connections. For ease of charging multiple devices, we have single and double switched power sockets with USB ports, helping to quench today’s thirst for 24/7 connectivity.

3. LED Dimming – resolving the compatibility issues
LEDs are the ‘now’ generation of lighting, delivering a reliable, practical and truly flexible option, while dimmers help to set scenes and create moods. Our LEDstat intelligent Multi-Way Dimmer is ‘phase adaptive’, which means it ‘Thinks’ before it ‘Acts’. The device monitors and programs itself for the
best performance depending on the LED lamp used, making it compatible with a wide variety of branded lamp types. A grid option is also available.

Meanwhile, the LEDIT-B100 2-Way LED Dimmer is the perfect retrofit replacement when used with a standard 2-way Rocker Switch. It comes pre-set to ‘Trailing-Edge’ but can also be easily reset for ‘Leading-Edge’ control when necessary.


4. Smart Lighting Control – transform a space, and your business
With smart control solutions you can alter ambient lighting, audio and other electrical services to create a desired mood and save energy at the touch of a button or with a smart phone. We’re helping installers meet the demands of the tech-savvy and add value and revenue to their business with our Lighting Control and Audio solution.

Hamilton’s out-of-the-box, plug-and-play intelligent Lighting Control system is easy to install and comes with pre-programmed plates so all that is needed is to wire up the system. Once installed, the homeowner can create and recall lighting scenes from anywhere in the home using a wall-mounted control plate, or remotely with the Hamilton iPhone/Android app.

Dimmed scenes can also support a 20-30% reduction in energy consumption. Meanwhile, the new DMX control option allows an RGB colour wash to be used as accent lighting to add drama to a space.

5. Smart Multi-room Audio – music to your ears
Hamilton’s Multi-room Audio system provides the versatility to deliver and control music in different areas of a property at the touch of a button or using Hamilton’s iPhone/Android app. Again, no programming is required – it’s a simple plug-and-play solution that is desirable and adds instant luxury for the consumer. Easy to install, effective and seamlessly compatible with our other electrical wiring products, our smart controls offer little risk and provide a good revenue opportunity.

6. Outdoor Lighting & Power – the only time we’ll lead you up the garden path
Extending control outdoors couldn’t be easier. Hamilton offers a range of solutions designed for lighting control and power supply externally in the garden, around the pool, shed or garage. For the garage there is the hard-wearing Metalclad range of sockets and switch plates that have a more robust finish. There is also the Elemento electrical accessories collection, which is waterproof and IP66 rated to get power safely to pools, ponds and other outdoor features. These can all be appropriately lit and remotely controlled using our smart wireless outdoor switching control box.

7. Customer Support – one voice knows all
For most domestic situations – even in the case of a complete rewiring – this extended range of products provides a turnkey solution, designed to make the installer’s life easier. We want installers to know that they can trust Hamilton to supply all the necessary products, in the appropriate design, at a cost-conscious price, fit them with ease and move on to the next job. Furthermore, with our customer support they know that any questions can be quickly resolved. We want to give installers the peace of mind that they can finish a job and be confident that they won’t receive any costly callbacks for incompatibility, faulty or low quality products.


Purchasing and installing electrical wiring products from a single vendor offers clear practical and business benefits. The Hamilton name has always been synonymous with stunning ‘form’ and faultless ‘function’, and our goal is to be known as the brand that professional installers can also call upon for quality turnkey electrical wiring solutions.

For more information on the range of products available from Hamilton Litestat visit: www.hamilton-litestat.com

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