How can a simple spare revive your essential tools? | KNIPEX

How can a simple spare revive your essential tools? | KNIPEX

When a reliable tool loses its edge or a component freezes, a complete replacement isn’t your only option. David Barnes, Marketing Manager at KNIPEX, explains why a simple spare can revive your essential tools.

When a ‘go-to’ wire stripper loses its edge or the mechanism on a pair of pliers jams, it’s tempting to just buy new ones. Before deciding on that instant replacement, it’s worth checking to see if your local supplier stocks spare parts first. Swapping out the worn component not only saves money but also keeps your seasoned tool in your belt, ready for reliable service.

For the eco-conscious electrician, opting for parts over new purchases means less scrap metal and plastic cluttering the job site. It’s a green move that leverages every bit of value from your tools and spares your wallet. Plus, staying sharp with tool maintenance not only extends their lifespan and saves cash, it also boosts your know-how and finesse with the tools of the trade.

Although it’s rare, when a KNIPEX tool starts to wear, there’s a wide array of replacement parts available for a variety of tools including insulation strippers, pliers, knives, the KNIPEX Cobra and more, providing a sensible solution for extending the life of your tools.

The KNIPEX Self-Adjusting Insulation Stripper is a must for electricians. It’s capable of precisely stripping a wide array of wires, from single-core to fine strands and is suitable for various insulation types, also deftly managing flat ribbon cables up to 10 mm wide.

Staying sharp

Its blade, made from specially hardened tool steel, slices cleanly through insulation without compromising the wire beneath, crucial for ensuring safety and performance. If, after repeated use, the blade dulls, it’s a quick fix — simply insert a spacer between the jaws, unscrew and swap out the blades (12 49 01) in moments.

Electricians often require a sharp, versatile and safe knife. The CutiX Universal Knife is as light as plastic with a secure, fixed, sharp blade and comes with two extra blades in the handle drawer. But there’s always the chance you’ll need more. KNIPEX offers a spare blade (90 10 165 E02) which can be quickly changed without any tools.

The KNIPEX Cobra, TwinGrip and Pliers Wrench all share a common component – the push button. It’s a vital part of each tool, allowing for quick and easy adjustment. But if it does start to wear, it’s straightforward to replace with an assortment of spare parts available (87 09 01).

Simply remove the cap of the old button with a screwdriver, together with the screws on the back, the spring and the remaining push button socket. Pop the new socket into the opening, reattach the spring and, with a drop of threadlocker, place the cap on the socket, pressing both halves together so the parts are firmly connected. Your pliers are ready again for action.

KNIPEX has an extensive selection of more spare parts including blades for the PreciStrip16 (12 52 195) and additional cutter heads for the KNIPEX Bolt Cutter (71 79 760/ 910/ 460/ 610).

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