How can smart home solutions optimise energy consumption? | Nice

How can smart home solutions optimise energy consumption? | Nice

How can smart home solutions improve domestic energy management and reduce bills at the same time? We learn more from the team at Nice.

Nice is committed to designing systems that encourage reduced environmental impact, combat energy waste and are produced with particular focus on the planet’s ecological balance.

The company develops projects that optimise management of natural light and heat, implementing systems to control energy consumption through management solutions for heating, cooling and lighting and for monitoring electrical loads. These integrated systems provide comprehensive management of buildings and improve their tenants’ quality of life.

Based on the electricity consumption data provided by, the UK ranks number 11 with 309.2 Billion kWH and an estimated population of 68,138,484, among the less virtuous countries. On a per capita level, electricity consumption is most prevalent in one’s home, with the water heater, washer and dryer, lighting, and refrigerator consuming the most energy.

Nice provides connected solutions that can work together towards the common goal of providing a comprehensive and integrated smart home ecosystem and optimising energy usage. The heart of the Nice smart home experience is the Yubii Home, a gateway that manages and communicates with all smart devices – receives data from sensors, processes them and gives an output to perform appropriate actions.


Integrated with a wide range of sensors, interfaces, and automation systems, Yubii Home can manage and control all home applications, thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of third-party devices. It also works with voice assistants and smart watches. With the Yubii App (available on Google Play and App Store), individuals can control all the automation processes in the building, creating customised scenarios from their smartphone.

Three top tips to optimise energy consumption:

1. Rolling shutters and blinds can be controlled with a single command using the Roll-Control module. The Heat-Control kit can also balance the climatisation of specific spaces and regulate the temperature efficiently by taking open doors or windows into account.

2. Individuals can save energy and money with the Plug-Control – a smart plug that measures energy consumption and allows the remote control of all appliances. Additionally, the Smart-Control is an easy-to-install accessory that makes devices smart. This is the perfect, cost-effective solution for anyone wanting to measure the consumption of each connected home appliance.

3. If a house is equipped with photovoltaic panels, Nice makes it possible to optimise the generated electricity with the Yubii system. It can use the surplus of solar energy, provide savings for the user, and at the same time reduce the impact on the environment. It is possible to connect the Yubii Home system to the inverter and help manage the energy that has been produced. In this way, the excess energy is used in various daily applications, such as automatic garden watering or recharging the batteries of a vehicle or an appliance.

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