How premium fans can help you upsell

How premium fans can help you upsell

Steve Totman, Product Marketing Manager for Vent-Axia, looks at premium fans and talks through which features to look out for and the many benefits these bring to electricians and households alike.

A 4” fan is often seen as a standard piece of kit, with not much to choose between different brands.

However, there are premium fans available offering a host of features that make them an attractive option to households and so are a great opportunity for electricians to upsell.

The Government’s Clean Air Strategy, launched in January, highlights the negative impact of poor air quality on the nation’s health.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a key part of the strategy and the Government suggests ways to reduce indoor air pollution, recommending that you ensure homes are well ventilated to avoid the accumulation of emissions.

But with so many fans on the market, what should electricians look for in a fan and what is likely to appeal to end-users?

Advanced fans

With consumers increasingly interested in products that help improve IAQ, there is a real opportunity for electricians to upsell and offer premium fans that provide the latest in intelligent control.

There is even a fan on the market that features Odour Sense Technology and so ‘smells’ air pollution.

Designed to improve the air households breathe, the unique PureAir Sense from Vent-Axia is equipped with a pioneering odour sensor that increases airflow when the air is poor, helping to ensure a comfortable living environment.

When the sensor detects a strong odour, the fan speed increases and quickly neutralises the odour.

A step change for the electrical sector, this premium fan is set to be an ideal addition to customers’ bathrooms, giving peace of mind that the air is fresh.

Whilst this new technology is sure to be an attractive choice for households, there are a host of other features that end-users will be keen to benefit from.

Households want to use their bathrooms in peace and quiet and this just isn’t possible with some noisy unitary fans.

Some households are so irritated by the noise that they turn off their fan altogether, potentially leading to mould growth and poor IAQ which can lead to ill health. So, quiet operation is real must for any fan.

Greater depth

Other features to look out for in the latest smart fans include clever controls such as adjustable timers triggered via a light sensor.

The latest intuitive light sensors can recognise room occupancy through light movement and shadows, but can distinguish between car headlight flashes and people moving about to avoid nuisance running.

The sensor means these timer fans can be wired in with just two wires; a massive benefit when fitting in older properties.

It’s also useful to select a fan that includes a delay-on feature which avoids the fan being triggered in the night during quick bathroom visits.

An intelligent humidistat for moisture control is also another great feature for electricians to offer households.

This means the fan learns to run only when it can make a difference to IAQ.

For example, Vent-Axia’s PureAir Sense continually monitors and records the moisture content and maps the humidity profile throughout the year.

This process enables the fan to run only when it can lower the moisture content in the air, reducing nuisance running and helping to ensure a healthy environment.

Meanwhile, an airing function is another feature which consumers will love – fans with this option automatically run long enough to rid a room of stale air if the fan has been inactive for over a day.

For households, this means no more stuffy, musty odours in the bathroom when they return from holiday or in an occasional use room.

Installer benefits

Reliability, no call backs and ease of installation: these all make electricians’ lives easier and make for happy customers too, which is essential for business reputation.

Fans, such as the PureAir Sense, offer just this, since it is delivered with factory settings that will be perfect for the majority of projects.

This means the install only involves fitting and there is no need for set up, saving time on site.

If a customer does require customisation, the fan’s features can easily be altered via a touch panel or a smartphone app.

It also comes with a seven-year guarantee, so electricians really can fit and forget the PureAir Sense, confident that there will be few call-backs.

Electricians who recommend a premium fan to customers and educate them on the benefits of an easy-to-install, quiet fan that provides good IAQ will enable both themselves and their customers to benefit.

And, with IAQ now a high priority for both the Government and for consumers, fans which include additional features like an odour sensor to improve IAQ will help offer peace of mind to households that they are making their air healthier to breathe.

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