How to make a bathroom space ‘smart’ | Aurora Lighting

How to make a bathroom space ‘smart’ | Aurora Lighting

The team at Aurora Lighting look at why making a ‘smart’ bathroom is a simple task if you have the right equipment.

If your client is looking for a bathroom refurb, why not suggest smart lighting and give them the opportunity to create different moods at any time of the day?

Aurora’s AOne is a good example of an affordable smart lighting system with a vast range of lighting, control, power and sensing products that can transform living spaces by creating a variety of moods and scenes through different lighting and control options. By installing the AOne into a bathroom, ensuite or downstairs toilet, homeowners can create mellow lighting for evenings and candle-lit baths or schedule it to gradually come on early in the mornings.

The benefits of bathroom installation
Downlights are becoming increasingly popular for modern bathrooms. Aurora’s AOne mProZX has the option to be used with an IP rated bezel, and therefore can be installed in rooms that are likely to experience moisture. The tuneable white colour feature allows lights to be scheduled to cool white in the morning and warm white in the evening.

To enhance the mood in a bathroom or toilet, especially if a bath is desired after a long day at work, RGB IP rated LED strip can be used to create atmosphere when placed behind a mirror, picture, shelf or along a bath rim. The opportunities to create a unique setting are endless. The AOne RGB + Colour Tuneable Controller plus an AOne Hub is all that’s required to make the strip smart.

In the evenings or when the bathroom has no windows, the PIR/Door Window Sensors can be used and scheduled with the desired lighting for use at certain times. Suitable for use in Zone 3 of the bathroom, they can automatically sense any motion or a door opening, enabling lights to immediately come on when people enter the room. This is ideal for when anyone needs to use the bathroom or ensuite in the middle of the night, as they don’t need to search for a light switch. Reduced brightness can be scheduled so others are not woken up at the same time.

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