How to upgrade existing 2-way and intermediate switching to 3-point dimming in 4 simple steps | Zano Controls

How to upgrade existing 2-way and intermediate switching to 3-point dimming in 4 simple steps | Zano Controls

A lot of people like to think that adding dimming control to an LED installation from more than one rotary control point on a single circuit is too complicated or just can’t be done. Here, Zano Controls show you just how easy it is to upgrade existing 2-way and intermediate switching to 3-point dimming with their ZSMARTLED kit, in just 4 simple steps.

Below they put their problem-solving multi-point ZSMARTLED product under the spotlight, so you can see just how easy it could be to replace 2 or 3 switches with 2 or 3-point dimmers on your next LED project.

Can any dimmer be used to add multi-point dimming control to a single circuit?

No, only a specially designed dimming kit like that of the ZSMARTLED can be used to add more than one control point to a single circuit.

Up until the ZSMARTLED, only one dimmer could be installed per lighting circuit, which could be paired with switches and/or dummy dimmers to turn on and off the lights at different points across the circuit.

What is the solution to 2 or 3-point lighting control?

Zano Controls saw a need for electrical installers and contractors to be able to dim/control the lighting levels from more than one point on a single circuit, and so the ZSMARTLED was born. It’s the first of its kind and is the only easy fit 3-point dimming solution available on the market.

What does it do?

The ZSMARTLED kit dims between 5-150W/VA of LED dependent on what wattage needs to be controlled and enables LED dimming control from up to 3 points on a single circuit.

Does it need special wiring?

No, the ZSMARTLED can be connected directly to 3-core and earth wiring and is perfect for retrofit LED projects where you might want to upgrade 3 switches (or a 2-way and intermediate dimming circuit) to 3 dimmers, that can all control the lighting levels on the circuit from different points.

How do I install the ZSMARTLED?

ZSMARTLED is as simple to install as any other straightforward LED dimmer or switch.

Are there any variations of the product?

The ZSMARTLED comes available as a grid, plated or module version – and comes in two colour variations (black and white).

How does it work?

Through ground-breaking digital technology, where one ‘master’ controller can communicate with up to two secondary ‘slave’ controls on the circuit.

Most common ZSMARTLED scenario:

Your client wants full control of their bedroom LED lighting from three points; by the door, and either side of the bed. You’ve calculated the total load of the installation (factored in Inrush current) and the load is well within the 150W/VA maximum capacity of the ZSMARTLED. Simply disconnect the existing 2-way and intermediate switches and fit the ZSMARTLED in its place with 3-core and earth cable.

If you want to add multi-point LED control to a project with a much larger wattage – switch over to Zano’s ZBARLED remote dimming pack which can dim up to 1000W/VA LED.

For any project specification enquiries, or to talk through a LED dimming problem or opportunity give the team at Zano Controls a call on 0345 519 5858.

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