Interested in pursuing a rewarding electrical contracting career? Here’s some advice | ECA

Interested in pursuing a rewarding electrical contracting career? Here’s some advice | ECA

Recently crowned ECA Apprentice of the Year, Adam Allen, along with employer Neal Robinson, share their advice for young people interested in pursuing a rewarding electrical contracting career.

At the end of last year, Adam Allen of ECA member-firm Geoffrey Robinson was recognised as one of the country’s leading electrical apprentices, winning the coveted ECA Apprentice of the Year Award.

A few months removed from the Award win, Adam and his employer are now keen to share their advice for prospective new starters and apprentices looking to advance their careers.

Neal Robinson, Managing Director of Geoffrey Robinson, explains: “When we heard that Adam had been nominated for this award, everyone at Geoffrey Robinson felt an immense amount of pride and delight for him. Fast-forward to hearing his name announced as the winner, and the sense of achievement and elation for Adam and the wider team was incredible. It’s certainly an afternoon we won’t forget in a hurry.”

Adam adds: “I’m so grateful to everyone who supported me throughout my apprenticeship and helped me get to where I am today. To be recognised as Apprentice of the Year means a great deal to me and I’m looking forward to acting as an ambassador for electrical apprenticeships in the coming year.”

What makes a great apprentice?

When taking on apprentices, Geoffrey Robinson looks for certain qualities in their applicants.

“The apprenticeship routes we offer combine on-the job training and academic studies, which isn’t always easy. As Adam has proved, however, it is incredibly rewarding,” says Neal.

“First and foremost, we want to take on people who are genuinely interested in the industry. It’s much easier to teach and inspire at this stage of a career journey if you have a genuine interest and desire for the role.

“Other skills would include looking at any relevant work experience, any hobbies that align with more practical skills and ways of working, as well as great communication skills. We’re a people-based business so this is very important.”

From Adam’s perspective, securing an apprenticeship is all about putting the work in, and being able to see concrete results from his efforts.

“I would advise all aspiring apprentices that, although it can be competitive to secure an apprenticeship at a company that suits you, it’s more than worth the work you put in,” he says.

“Those who actively seek out opportunities will be able to secure an apprenticeship and start the incredibly rewarding journey to becoming a qualified electrician.”

Adam is keen to emphasise that an electrical apprenticeship opens doors to a wide range of satisfying and well paid career options.

He says: “Becoming qualified in your trade does not set you on a single career path. Instead, it opens more doors and exposes you to a world of opportunities and different routes, to find exactly where you fit best within the industry.”

Spreading the word

For the next year, Adam will act as an industry ambassador to young people who may be thinking about taking the leap into the electrotechnical industry. To those interested in the sector, his advice is simple: “You’ll be able to do hands-on work while applying your technical knowledge and problem-solving skills. The electrical industry is advancing quickly – especially in the low carbon technology sector – so there are so many paths you can choose once you become qualified.

“I’ve always maintained that choosing a career in the electrical industry was the best decision I could have made. Because the industry is so expansive, there will certainly be a rewarding career path for you too – you just have to reach for it.”

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