It’s time to enhance the aesthetic of your cable installations | LINIAN

It’s time to enhance the aesthetic of your cable installations | LINIAN

Why are cable aesthetics important and why this is now a sellable point for a contractor or designer to a client or homeowner? Lynne Jhangeer, Co-Founder and Global Sales Manager at LINIAN, shares her thoughts.

As smart technology gains momentum, domestic installations gain higher levels of scrutiny on aesthetics from clients and homeowners.

Exposed mechanical and electrical services are becoming increasingly more fashionable in new and refurbished public premises and even larger homes. Installations now face scrutiny from anyone in a public space, looking up.

At LINIAN we see a number of reasons why tidy and neat looks are becoming the new normal in the world of cable installations. Much of this is down to client expectations increasing constantly, evolving trends in architectural and interior design, the growing influence of social media, clients and engineering requiring extra peace of mind, and the increasing appreciation of good aesthetics.

With all of these points in mind, LINIAN cable clips are designed to be as discreet as possible. After all, fixings that are virtually invisible will assist in drawing less attention to SWA installs in homes for installations such as EV chargers, garages, outbuildings, garden rooms, and external lighting and power.

EV, PV and solar installations are getting quicker and neater

Electricians and installers can say goodbye to the old ways of doing things thanks to the launch of the LINIAN SuperClip.

The product embraces a new era of efficiency, especially when it comes to EV charging, PV and solar installations. With this versatile cable clip there’s no need for time-consuming screw fixings and it guarantees a faster and tidier installation process without compromising on safety or quality of the install. Designed to deliver exceptional fire resistance, the SuperClip will tick all the compliance boxes for the installer. With a range of colours and sizes available, LINIAN SuperClip caters to SWA cables, conduit, bunched cables and clip ties with diameters ranging from 12 mm to 25 mm.

Easy to install and versatile

With no need for conduit saddles and no plastic plugs, screws or washers required, the SuperClip can increase installation time by 70% when compared to some traditional methods.

Suitable for use in most substrates (plasterboard, masonry, light block, heavy block, hollow block, hollow brick, brick, concrete, timber/wood, stone), the product is easily removed and reusable.

Safety and compliance

With its metal construction, the clip prevents premature cable collapses and is 90 & 120 minute fire tested to British and European standards. The BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 18th Edition compliant product has a > 1,200˚C melting point and is smoke emission tested to the London Underground Standard.

Discreet design

The patented LINIAN design includes a closed head/loop to secure the cable. If there is any tension on the wire, the clip can’t pop open and release the cable. With a maximum tensile load of 44 kg, LINIAN clips feature barbed legs which expand in the hole to grip the substrate, providing a secure fixing.

The legs are strong but flexible and won’t snap under pressure. They work with substrates including brick, concrete, wood, and even plasterboard!

Although we might make some claims about the popularity of our products, we only need to take a look at what is being said and shared on social media every day in order to back these up.

Check out this recent LinkedIn post from Steven Humphreys of Devon Renewables:

Solar installers – who uses the Doncaster Cables EV Ultra Cable? We do! Although this installation has a long and complicated cable route, this superb cable makes the job sweeeet!!! Also, what makes it even quicker to install? LINIAN clips, of course! Drill a 10 mm hole, put the clip around the cable and hammer it in. No wall plugs, no screws and drivers, just a hammer.


It’s not just Steven who is getting great use from our products, as the snaps below will show:

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