JCC Lighting Hybrid Technology

JCC Lighting Hybrid Technology

John Desmond from JCC Lighting, discusses how the company has risen to the challenge of developing its new Hybrid fire-rated LED technology that blends the benefits of integrated downlights with the flexibility of LED lamps.

The introduction of LED presented some extraordinary advantages to the lighting industry from what we were traditionally used to, specifically providing energy and cost reduction. These benefits have slowly gained traction in the market and caused a shift toward this new technology. As part of the rise in LED popularity, integrated fittings were first introduced, allowing manufacturers to utilise the full space within the fitting to deliver a more reliable light in comparison to 50W halogen.

Integrated fixtures offered better styling, improved performance and reliability, as well as enabling greater warranties. Whilst many consumers saw the benefits of integrated fittings, others remained uncomfortable with the idea of investing in a more premium product that relied solely on contractor installations and maintenance.

As the LED industry and its technology continues to progress, we now find ourselves at a point where LED lamps have reached a position in the market where they can outperform traditional halogen lamps. This has inspired us evaluate the future of the integrated fitting, and set ourselves the challenge to combine the two technologies and provide a solution that is perfect for both installers and their clients.

Hybrid Technology
In our desire to meet this challenge, JCC’s Hybrid technology was born: An installer friendly solution that blends the benefits of both integrated and lamp technology.

The Hybrid range comes as a detachable module and bezel allowing for simple installation, that provides enhanced performance and quality with the familiarity of a lamp. This design also ensures flexibility, allowing installers to remove the fascia during decoration, upgrade to future technologies and make changes in line with customer’s needs.

For enhanced output, Hybrid includes Seoul Semiconductor Acrich3 IC chips. These chips feature multi junction technology that accepts a higher voltage than traditional LEDs. This enabled us to produce an innovative, driverless product that has a comparatively high illumination to surface area ratio.

Hybrid9 is JCC’s 9W version that comes as a complete all-in-one detachable and driverless module unit. It has been designed with a pillar heat sink that provides maximum airflow within the can and maintains an optimum temperature for the LEDs. This ensures that the product achieves its maximum lifetime. Hybrid’s fixed airflow cap ensures that even when covered with insulation, heat flows into the surrounding void, maintaining ideal thermal management.

Hybrid 9 Tech Spec

  • Interchangeable LED modules
  • 660 lumens cool white / 8.5W
  • 38º Beam angle COB
  • Mains driverless technology
  • Comes with LevLink ultra-fast push fit termination

LevLink Connector
Hybrid9 comes connected with an innovative pre-wired remote LevLink six-way connector, which offers a tool less first-fix wiring solution that radically reduces installation time.


Whereas alternative connectors require an overlapping of wires during installation, JCC’s LevLink Connector has a clear wiring path through using single terminals, where the PCB on-board-management links the appropriate electrical connection. All cables can be stripped to a uniform length and secured using JCC’s popular press-fit termination.

LevLink accessories include a nine-way connector for use as a junction box for switching, and a T-Splitter.

For more information visit: www.jcc.co.uk/hybrid9

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