KNX UK and ECS elevate standards for the installation of smart controls

KNX UK and ECS elevate standards for the installation of smart controls

We find out more about how and why KNX UK and ECS are joining forces to elevate standards for the installation of smart controls in the built environment.

In a move that aims to elevate the standards and recognition of competent, certified KNX Integrators across the UK, the Electrical Certification Scheme (ECS) has collaborated with KNX UK to introduce an ECS card that is specifically for KNX Integrators.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility for this card requires KNX certification and membership of KNX UK to demonstrate competency and professionalism.

The importance of the ECS card extends beyond a professional ID. It is a comprehensive testament to an individual’s competence, covering training and skills, qualifications, commitment to health, safety and environmental standards, and adherence to professional codes of conduct.

Developed and supported by more than 200 organisations, the standards underpinning each ECS occupation are rigorous and widely respected. It has long been a pivotal tool in the construction industry and built environment, encompassing a wide array of 75 occupations, including electricians, fire and safety specialists, telecoms experts, AV integrators, cyber security professionals and now KNX Integrators.

The CSCS Alliance, the partnership between the 38 schemes licensed to use the CSCS logo, currently covers a remarkable 2.1 million workers, reflecting the scheme’s extensive reach and impact within the wider industry.

For most clients and main contractors, providing evidence of the relevant ECS card for your job is not just expected, it is mandatory. ECS (and the CSCS logo) is backed by trade associations, local authorities, NHS Trusts, housing associations and house builders, energy generators and data centres. Indeed, it’s becoming almost impossible to access professional and controlled sites without evidence of your competence for the role.

Since April 2022, the introduction of the CSCS Smart Check system has become increasingly used by organisations to quickly and efficiently verify that individuals possess the appropriate certifications and qualifications for their respective tasks.

Difficulties with site access

The increased specification for smart building integration has brought with it a necessity for non-electrically qualified, software professionals to attend construction sites.

A good example of this are professionals like Matthew Tate, who has worked extensively with smart building controls integration but has found access to sites increasingly difficult.

He’s delighted with the availability of the new card, describing it as ‘a breath of fresh air’, and couldn’t believe how easy the process was. He’s now in possession of his ECS card that acknowledges his specific professional competency.

The development of the KNX UK ECS card is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Joint Industry Board & Electrotechnical Certification Scheme and KNX UK – a non-profit members’ association for KNX Professionals in the UK. Iain Gordon, Chair of KNX UK, is a qualified electrician and a certified KNX Partner of more than 20 years.

He said: “This collaboration acknowledges the skillset of KNX Certified Integrators as an entirely separate and specialised category.

“The practice of mandatory site cards on commercial sites is now commonplace and this may soon extend to NHBC sites and become a requirement of all local Councils and Building Control Officers.”

He added: “On a purely personal basis, as a qualified electrician, obtaining an ECS card has always been easy for me, but having the card with my specialist KNX Integrator qualification on it is gratifying and provides clarity and assurance for my clients and site personnel.”

All qualified KNX Certified Integrators are eligible to join KNX UK for a small annual fee and will receive fast-tracked online access to ECS cards, along with many other benefits.

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