LED lighting products – how to choose the right application | Red Arrow Electrical Distribution

LED lighting products – how to choose the right application | Red Arrow Electrical Distribution

Choosing the right type of LED product for the right application is vital and can make a big difference in a commercial environment. Red Arrow Electrical Distribution explores how contractors can make the right decisions before every installation.

What is the purpose of lighting?

While aesthetically-pleasing and creative installations are always welcome by customers, as contractors, it’s important to never take style over substance. By choosing lighting that suits the task in hand, while considering light levels, uniformity, colour temperature and colour rendition, you can save on future electrical and maintenance costs to the end user.  And remember, not all LEDs are equal – a product that claims to be the same and look the same does not guarantee the same performance.

Where is the installation?

The environment plays a significant part in every installation. For example, if installing a chandelier 20 feet high or floodlights on the side of a tall building, how often will the LEDs and their fittings be cleaned and maintained? How much will a climate prone to dust or fumes effect the light reduction over time?

Is a complete rewire needed?

Every installation is different, and it’s worth remembering that old light fittings may not need the same amount of required LED luminaires – instead, choose the number of luminaires to suit the wiring infrastructure. Sometimes, retrofitting may be a more suitable option than a complete rewire, but always check that when installing LEDs that the new number of light points doesn’t affect the quality of the light produced.

Do I need an occupancy sensor?

In some commercial settings, an occupancy sensor can offer many benefits, including energy and cost savings. But absence or presence detection come with different advantages dependent on the use and surroundings. How long will the lighting operate per day? Will dimming to a standby level be beneficial when areas are unoccupied? Will switching off completely be a better solution? How often is a light left unused in a building?

How can I convince customers?

Convincing consumers to convert to LEDs from traditional lighting can be challenging for even the most experienced contractor, but this new technology comes with many different benefits. LED light sources are far more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lamps and have a long operating life – if installed correctly, while reducing the risk of fire and emit very little UV. They are low maintenance, offer a better light quality and carry no harmful by-products (such as mercury) during disposal. They can also be used in a wide range of settings, including restaurants, offices, warehouses and factories.

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