Top tips when sourcing storage and production lighting solutions | LEDVANCE

Top tips when sourcing storage and production lighting solutions | LEDVANCE

In this article the team at LEDVANCE shines a light on the latest storage and production solutions.

The requirements for a lighting system in a storage environment are diverse, so a flexible system that can be easily adapted to changes in working processes is essential.

The TruSys FLEX DALI system is an ideal lighting control for an entire building that can manage over 1,000 individually addressed luminaires across rooms and floors, operated by simply using a pushbutton or App for smartphones/tablets. Energy-saving LED technology provides continuous operation and homogenous light distribution, with tool-free ‘click into place’ solutions for an easy installation. Flexible application is possible due to a range of different lumen packages and beam angles.

A typical high-bay warehouse is characterised by high ceilings, narrow aisles and hardly any natural daylight. In addition, the large difference in brightness between indoor and outdoor areas produces a high risk of accidents in entrances and exits. Even from an exceptional ceiling height of nine metres, the LEDVANCE High Bay DALI LED luminaires provide uniformly good illumination, and the daylight control of the DALI-2 drivers enables additional potential for energy savings.

The perfect combination

The luminaires can be combined with VIVARES DALI light management, including presence and daylight control, for ultimate efficiency. For harsh industrial environments, the luminaires carry increased shock resistance (IK08), dust-proof design and protection against water jets (IP65).

In a production environment, the demands for a lighting system are varied: from rough manual work to fine assembly activities and visual inspections. The LEDVANCE DAMP PROOF Gen 2 DALI meets all these requirements with its high protection against shock, dust and water. It is fitted with easy to open/close stainless-steel fasteners without sharp edges, and holes for anti-vandalism screws. In a recent installation by LEDVANCE, a production facility measured an increase in illuminance of 20%, coupled with an impressive 68% reduction in energy costs. The luminaires can additionally be combined with VIVARES DALI light management for further energy savings.

Loading areas are often particularly busy at night, so this makes lighting that provides orientation and safety all the more important. The LEDVANCE FLOODLIGHT performance is ideal for loading zones, as well as for facade illumination and lighting close to buildings. Energy savings of up to 90% can be achieved, compared to lighting with conventional technology, and the floodlight offers illuminance of at least 50 lux (on average) for busier areas. The floodlight also features strong robustness, including protection against moisture.

Retrofit for purpose

For facilities looking to retrofit LED lamps into an existing lighting solution, the LEDVANCE LED Tube range is an ideal first step. A stand-out product is the LEDTube T8EM PRO, which has a full-glass portfolio to protect against bending and a shatterproof protection sheet. The product is VDE certified according to IEC62776 and low flicker according to EU2019/2020 (SVM ≤0,4 / PstLM ≤ 1). The instant-on light operates in combination with sensor technology and the lamp also works at low temperatures.

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