Lighting the way – top five most innovative products from All LED

Lighting the way – top five most innovative products from All LED

Here we take a look at the top five most innovative products from the All LED stable.


The iCan downlight range consists of the iCan65, award winning iCan75 and iCan75 Platinum, offering a versatile lighting solution that excels in both form and function.

With its fire rating of 30, 60, and 90 minutes, I-joist and metal web joist rating, it ensures safety and peace of mind. The ultra-slim twist and lock bezel design not only adds a sleek touch to any space but also makes installation a breeze with minimal tools required.

Equipped with push terminals, wiring becomes hassle-free and efficient. Additionally, the downlight is acoustic rated, reducing noise transmission for a more tranquil environment, making it ideal for homes and apartments.

For those seeking insulation compliance, an insulation cover is available. It’s worth noting that the bezels and GU10 lamp can be purchased separately, offering customisation options.

The iCan75 downlight seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics for an exceptional lighting experience.


The Atom downlight is a highly versatile lighting solution that offers a range of impressive features. Its CCT selectable feature allows users to choose the desired colour temperature, providing flexibility to create the desired ambiance.

With All LED’s advanced proprietary OptiDim dimming technology, it enables smooth and precise dimming control. The IP65 rating ensures its durability and suitability for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Available in fixed and adjustable versions, it caters to different lighting requirements. The adjustable version offers a maximum tilt of 20° for targeted illumination. With fire ratings of 30, 60, and 90 minutes for timber joists, Staircraft I-joists, and metal web joists, it ensures compliance with fire safety regulations. It is also compliant with moisture, acoustic and air leakage standards.

The Atom features an ultra-slim low-profile bezel, a DiamondTec lens, and insulation coverable for added convenience. The loop-in loop-out terminals simplify installation, making it a practical choice for various lighting projects.


The Caterham GU10 is an exceptional lighting solution that offers a multitude of benefits.

Equipped with Advanced OptiDim Technology, it provides precise and smooth dimming control, allowing users to create the desired ambiance. Despite its compact size, it delivers a high lumen output, ensuring bright and efficient illumination.

With energy-saving capabilities of up to 92%, it significantly reduces energy consumption and lowers utility costs. The Caterham GU10 is a direct replacement for standard GU10 lamps, making it easy to upgrade existing lighting fixtures.

Its retrofit size ensures compatibility with a wide range of applications. Moreover, it offers labour-saving and low waste packaging, helping simplifying installation and maintenance.

All LED demonstrates its commitment to sustainability with low waste eco-packaging, promoting environmental consciousness.


The All-Dim Dimming Module is a versatile dimmer specifically designed for use with LEDs. It offers both leading-edge and trailing-edge dimming modes, providing compatibility with a wide range of LED lighting fixtures.

With an adjustable minimum brightness setting, it allows users to fine-tune the desired lighting levels. The module incorporates Advanced OptiDim Technology, ensuring smooth and flicker-free dimming performance. Its slim, slightly off-centre spindle design adds convenience during installation and operation where, despite its compact size, it features an earth lug void, enabling easy and secure wiring connections.

The All-Dim is suitable for both retrofitting existing setups and new installations, offering flexibility and adaptability for various lighting projects.


The winner of a PE ‘Top Product award in 2022, the ALL LED iQ Intelligent Lighting Control range offers a comprehensive lighting control system for all installs. Centred around Alexa App Control, users can easily manage their lighting through voice commands and App. The smart functions of the system work seamlessly, whether the switch is on or off, ensuring consistent functionality regardless of switch position.

Users have the option to retain their existing light switch, allowing for a familiar and convenient set-up. The range is designed as a retrofit solution, making it compatible with existing lighting installations.

Advanced Dimming Technology provides smooth and precise dimming control. It also integrates with any third-party Alexa compatible devices, expanding its functionality with items such as smart doorbells and cameras. With global technical support, effortless commissioning and programming, and the ability to program without accessing modules, the iQ Intelligent Lighting Control range offers a user-friendly and versatile solution.

Further new additions

Two recent additions to the iQ range include the new rotary Zigbee dimming module as well as a smart thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) with built-in temperature display.

The Smart-T Rotary Zigbee Dimmer Module is an innovative device with several noteworthy features. It utilises LiLo technology, enabling both live-in and live-out wiring, providing flexibility and compatibility with existing wiring set-ups. It is designed as a retrofit solution, making it easy to upgrade existing lighting systems.

The module is 2-way wiring compatible, allowing users to control the lights from multiple switches using a retractive switch. With user-friendly reset and programming options, it offers simplicity and convenience in operation.

The Smart-V thermostatic radiator valve is a game-changer in heating control and will reduce energy bills and consumption by avoiding unnecessary heat being wasted in empty rooms.

With its retrofit simple installation, it seamlessly replaces existing valves, making it easy to upgrade radiators. This innovative device not only reduces energy consumption and heating bills but also allows individual control of radiators via the Alexa App. Its minimalist design features a hidden temperature display for a sleek aesthetic look.

The Smart-V thermostatic radiator valve combines convenience, energy efficiency, and modern design to make an extremely useful product.

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