Lights. Insights. Action.

Lights. Insights. Action.

We headed along to the Philips Lighting Partner Conference to find out more about a new launch that will allow installers and SMEs to take full advantage of connected lighting.

Although connected lighting technology has already made its mark in larger corporations, should the benefits associated with this only be consigned to the bigger organisations?

That’s the question that the team at Philips Lighting posed after the firm unveiled a new concept in connected lighting for SMEs – Interact Pro – at its latest Philips Partner Conference.

“We’re often told that connected technology is the domain of the specialist, tech-savvy end-user, however the statistics don’t necessarily back this up. When you consider that by 2020 its estimated that there will be 50 billion connected devices in use worldwide – an average of six per person – it’s easy to see the opportunities this is going to create in the future,” Darren Walker, Trade Channel Marketing Manager told the delegates in attendance.

“We want to extend our leadership of lighting into the Internet of Things (IoT) and we plan to do this through connected products that will allow monitoring, controllability and flexibility. Interact Pro offers this functionality to SMEs and provides installers with a real chance to shift the relationship that they have with their end user customers by adding value and improving efficiency. ”

The scope of connected technology is such that modern systems allow lights to dim or go off automatically when they’re not needed, while employees can personalise lighting settings and business owners can pick up a whole stream of information on how much energy they’re using. Lighting is also proven to boost productivity and create a better working environment at the same time.

Go with the Pro

One way of introducing your clients to the benefits of connected lighting is through the use of Interact Pro. The system offers a huge step forward in what you can offer your customers but doesn’t involve any complex work on your part. Simply install the Philips Interact ready luminaires as you would normally do and then use the intuitive Interact Pro app or dashboard to commission the system and access the power of connected lighting. The benefits to you and your customers are numerous:

Speedy setup

You can enjoy high-speed commissioning with the intuitive Interact Pro app. There’s no need for costly signal cables (e.g. DALI cables) and there’s minimal training required. That means you can do more projects at a faster pace with minimal hassle.

Expert insights

Your customers already know the value of LED, but now they’ll be able to learn the additional benefits of connected lighting. As a connected lighting expert, over time you can become a trusted advisor, highlighting new insights you’ve uncovered from the Interact Pro dashboard.

Better lighting, happier workers

Staff can control their own lighting and easily adjust it for the task at hand. Better working conditions mean improved morale and productivity and this make it easier to attract and retain the best employees.

Efficiency-driven savings

Lighting sensors work with Interact Pro to figure out if a particular area is in use or not. If it isn’t then the lights automatically dim or turn off, meaning less manual switching and more energy saved for your customers. The system can even sense the level of ambient daylight and adjust the lighting accordingly. This helps businesses meet regulatory targets and qualify for green business subsidies.

Valuable data insights

To ensure businesses get full value from their lighting, they can gather and interpret data. With the Interact Pro app and dashboard, you can help your customers interpret a wealth of information, such as energy usage, light settings and automation.

Wherever you work, it works

Whether its offices, industrial units or parking spaces, there’s almost no limit to the places Interact Pro can work, and it can make a critical difference to your customer’s business. You can then customise the software’s settings for specific workspaces.

If you want any evidence of the opportunity that exists here, the market size for smart lighting and connected controls is currently valued at $6 billion and forecast to double by 2020,” said Steve Wrapson, Head of Product Marketing.

“You’ve always been a pro, but now you can take things a step further by introducing your customers to the possibilities of connected lighting and simplifying your own work at the same time. This will also allow you to take on more projects, complete them faster and create partnerships that last.”


For more information about Interact Pro and the range of ‘Interact Ready’ products from Philips visit:

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