Lot 20 Has Arrived: What You Need to Know

Lot 20 Has Arrived: What You Need to Know
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The Eco Design Lot 20 legislation has been touted as one of the biggest shake-ups to affect the electrical heating industry in decades. Richard Brown, MD of Electrorad, gives us the lowdown on how it will impact electric panel heaters and radiators.

There’s been a long build up to Lot 20, can you give us a brief recap?

Yes, after years of waiting, Eco Design Lot 20 is finally here! The EU commission has long recognised that local space heating represents a high proportion of energy usage and is a key area for carbon emission reductions. Hence, the new regulation that came into effect on 1st January affects all local space heaters, including electric panel heaters and radiators, within residential and commercial buildings. Essentially, all models must now feature 24/7 programming, adaptive start, and open window functions to comply with a minimum efficiency standard.

Is it just more red tape or a positive move forward for the industry?

Any new regulations that seek to save energy and reduce carbon emissions are a positive move for all. Not only does it propel the industry forwards, it will result in the disappearance of many low-cost models with basic controls and inaccurate thermostats that are unable to comply with the legislation, and it’s likely to impact on the landscape of manufacturers too.

Which products tick the box for Lot 20 compliancy?

Quite simply, all radiators and panel heaters manufactured after 1st January must incorporate intelligent timers and controls. These must include accurate room thermostat controls, 7 day/24 hour timing controls, virtual open window sensors, and adaptive start function. If a product doesn’t have all of these features, it won’t be compliant and will be prohibited for sale within the EU. In order to distinguish the energy efficiency ratings of each product, a percentage compliance score, based on the amount of energy saving features it has, will be displayed in the product information and specifications.

Tell us more about the percentage compliancy scores.

Every feature has a set value that will positively contribute to the heater’s efficiency rating, and the more sophisticated the level of control, the larger the percentage compliance it will achieve. All heaters are given a baseline “seasonal space heating efficiency” figure and the minimum value that an electric heating system must reach is 38%. The addition of time and temperature controls will elevate this further. For models that exceed 39%, they’re classed as ‘Best Available’. Whilst some models may only incorporate the minimum requirements for compliancy, some manufactures have taken this opportunity to go one step further and include features such as voice control compatibility and Geo-location.

What do I need to know when specifying a job?

Radiators or heaters that are non-compliant with Lot 20, manufactured prior to January 1st 2018, can still be supplied and installed, however, they can’t be manufactured after January 1st unless they have the compliant features, so it’s vital for wholesalers and electricians to be aware of compliancy before they specify, purchase or install.

What about old stock that doesn’t comply with the legislation?

If wholesalers have existing non-compliant stock that was manufactured prior to 1st January 2018 it can still be sold. To avoid confusion, it’s best for electricians to align themselves to a reputable manufacturer or wholesaler who can give guidance.

This sounds great for the industry, but what are the benefits for electricians?

Now’s a great time for electricians to become more familiar with new technologies. 

Take Geo-location, for example, which automatically activates the radiators into ‘comfort’ mode when the homeowner is travelling towards home and will drop to ‘economy’ when travelling away from home. Meanwhile, the Adaptive Start function learns when to activate the radiator, ensuring the property is at the desired temperature at the required time. By getting up-to-speed with these latest features, electricians will gain more trust from customers, plus they can capitalise on the many opportunities to up-sell and grow their business.

For more information about Electrorad’s Lot 20 compliantrange of panel heaters and radiators visit: www.electrorad.co.uk

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