Making Install Easy with Manrose

Making Install Easy with Manrose

Clive Britton from Manrose talks us through which features to look out for that make install easy.

Modern fans offer a wide range of benefits including low energy, quiet running and good aesthetics. Whilst all these are key in selecting a fan, if the installation process is tricky or poorly designed by the manufacturer, then this is a real headache for installers to achieve the desired finish in a sensible timescale.

Making life easier. When it comes to bathroom ventilation it’s important that electricians select fans that meet the needs of their customers, but also offer them benefits too. Ease and flexibility of installation are high up on the agenda when it comes to this as time is money and so a quick, neat installation is a real benefit.


So, what makes an easy install? To aid a simple install a unitary fan that is designed for wall and ceiling mounting is useful, since finding the right spot for a fan is not always easy. Where to site the fan in relation to the bath or shower is made harder in smaller bathrooms or shower rooms when space is at a premium so siting flexibility is a real must. In these smaller rooms or in a wet room, the potential for equipment or wiring to be splashed is much greater and so it’s essential to choose a fan that is safe to install in the ‘splash zone’. An IPX5 rating means the product is capable of being subjected to low pressure jets of water from a hose. Fans such as the IPX5 Quiet Fan from Manrose has this vital IPX5 rating so it can be safely installed in Zone 1, the ‘splash zone’, on either the wall or ceiling.

Internal Fit

But it’s not just the fan itself that electricians need to consider when installing ventilation. Fans need to vent to an external grille and this can pose a range of install challenges since it involves standing on ladders, climbing scaffolding or working in the rain. These are all a real pain when installing traditional external grille fittings for ventilation and pose the very real risk of a fall from height. Due to these factors, manufacturers developed grilles that could be fitted internally. However, these early internal versions while removing the dangers of working at height still carried the risk of dropping grilles from height. They also were not the easiest products to install involving electricians having to stretch to reach through the wall to fix the external grilles.

So, what’s the answer? There are now wall kits that are fitted entirely from the inside of a building, without the need to reach through the wall. These reduce installation time and complexity and remove the need for costly and time-consuming external grille fitting involving scaffolding or ladders. No matter what the height or what the weather, these wall kits are quick, easy and safe to install.

These kits are particularly suited to high-rise applications, first floor bathrooms and anywhere that is not readily accessible from the outside, but can be used on any product where speed of installation is desired. And because the same kit can be used every time, high level and low level – all external grilles will look the same.

One example is the innovative Manrose Deluxe Quick Internal Fit Wall Kit, which simply pushes through a hole from the inside of the building. An external grille is then deployed that doesn’t require the installer to reach through the entire length of the wall tube, and spring pins hold the wall kit securely in place. Notches in the internal face allow it to be simply aligned and then the external grille and seal can be pulled back against the external wall so a tight, neat and secure fit can be achieved that also protects the edge of the wall from water ingress and damage from the elements. The circular grille also means there is no need to worry about lining up with the brickline or, later on, missing louvres.

Internal Fit Wall Kits are available that are suitable for a wide range of 100mm fans and have a minimal internal flange thickness which allows for a variety of fans or grilles to be installed, offering further versatility since the internal flange is also flexible enough to accommodate deviations in the internal surface finish.

Shower Solutions

When it comes to installation benefits, sometimes it’s the little things that matter too which is why it’s great to have the option of buying a shower kit with everything you need, all in one place, making installation simple. There are now professional shower kits available that do just that. An example is the Professional Showerlite Fan Kit from Manrose which incorporates seven different pieces of ventilation equipment: an in-line mixed flow fan; LED Showerlite; additional inlet; flexible PVC ducting; PVC t-piece: internal grille; external wall grille; and Safety extra low voltage (SELV) transformer. Including everything required to provide powerful ventilation, safe illumination and it is energy efficient as well. The 12volt unit is powered by a SELV transformer and can be safely installed within the splash area of a shower or bath as it is a sealed unit for total IP waterproof protection. And by including items such as a bracket for easy installation in the roof and a long length of 100mm/4″ flexible PVC ducting (10m), installers can expect an easy install that can be adapted for any size room.

With so many fans and accessories on the market, all offering different features and benefits, it’s important that electricians make a selection that is beneficial to both their customers and themselves. By installing the latest fans which have the ‘must-have’ features but also allow for a quick, neat and secure installation, both installers and their customers stand to benefit.

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