Managing the risks from an Invisible hazard – UV exposure on site

Managing the risks from an Invisible hazard – UV exposure on site

Ben Stacey, Snickers Workwear Product Specialist writes:

Wear the right clothes

Dressing right for the working environment you’re in is very important – not only for working efficiency, but also for UV protection in the summer.

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health estimates that outdoor workers can be exposed to over 80% more UV radiation than indoor workers and, if the UV index reaches three or above, sun protection measures should be taken. It may come as a surprise to some that the UV index regularly exceeds this level during the summer months in the UK and, according to the Met Office, UV rays can be strong enough to cause sunburn here between April and September with 80 per cent of UVA rays passing through cloud. [1]

The link between skin cancer and sun exposure is now more widely understood and workers who regularly work outdoors are most definitely at increased risk from over-exposure to UV radiation. [2] With one in three cancers diagnosed as a skin cancer, each episode of sunburn however small increases the risk of getting it. So why do some people who work outdoors in the UK not use sun protection cream and other sun protection measures – such as proper working clothes? [3]

Hard work in hot and humid conditions can not only be uncomfortable, but hazardous. So, when the heat is on, it’s important that you take the necessary precautions to stay cool, dry, and well-covered. That’s where Snickers Workwear’s moisture-wicking, and UV-protective workwear can play an important part in your personal protection and wellbeing.[4] When you’re choosing the right working clothes up for a hard day’s work outside in the summer, there are three important factors to consider.

Fabric Technology and UV Protection

For summer working, choose workwear that is designed to create a kind of climate control system for your body. Snickers Workwear does just that. Designed to help you stay cool, the summer collection has garments that provide UPV40+ protection to make getting the job done as comfortable and safe as possible. Breathable fabrics deliver better ventilation and dry faster once they’re wet from perspiration. And even though cotton is thought to be a lightweight fabric, its high absorbency makes it dry very slowly. Cotton garments drenched in sweat are uncomfortable.

Your Body Temperature

In warm, sunny working conditions, you need clothes with exceptional breathability and ventilation to avoid heat stress. With that in mind, Snickers Workwear uses stretchable fabrics with 37.5® Fabric Technology. Patented particles in the fabric help your body maintain an ideal core temperature – a process of thermoregulation – by removing perspiration vapours before they can turn into liquid sweat. That means you can stay both cool and dry no matter how hot it gets.[5]

Personal as well as Environmental Protection

Sustainability is a key part of Snickers Workwear’s design and development philosophy. It’s not just functionality, practicality and the physical demands on the body when working hard which are key drivers in the brand’s product development, it’s the physical demands that product manufacturing places on the environment that matter too.

So, if you’re thinking about what’s most practical and beneficial to wear this summer and, if it’s performance and protection you need, check out the upgraded lightweight and breathable 37.5® fabric in Snickers Workwear’s Mid- and Base-layer clothes. With superb cooling technology, they’re great for demanding tasks on site as well as UV protection.

Style, comfort, functionality and performance have always been key drivers in Snickers Workwear clothing development over the years. But now, modern day concerns about

sustainability and personal protection from the invisible hazards have brought a new dimension into the technical design of Snickers Workwear for this summer.

Getting more information on Snickers Workwear for summer is easy. You call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out; or you can email

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