Martindale Electric | Thermal Imaging Cameras

Martindale Electric | Thermal Imaging Cameras

The new IRC thermal imaging cameras from Martindale Electric are designed to deliver fast on-site diagnostics.

The cameras have a combination of real time thermal imaging with spot infrared temperature measurement, packaged in a rugged pistol design. The cameras show hot and cold spots at a glance and accurately measure spot temperatures of hot and hard to reach surfaces.

The advanced thermal images, shown on the 4.5cm colour display, combine colour temperature gradients and component outlines to quickly troubleshoot problems, be it poor electrical connections, phase unbalance or faulty motors and bearings. Both IRC325 and IRC327 include an infrared spot thermometer, making it easy to accurately and safely measure the temperature of hot and hard to reach surfaces without contact.

For more advanced applications, the IRC327 has an extended temperature range to 650˚C and allows simple capture and storage of the image to the SD card for evaluation and reporting. In addition, laser targeting and the five LED torch make it easy to get reliable measurements wherever you’re working. The built-in lens cover of the IRC327 provides protection for all environments.

The two models can be used for a wide range of applications – from identifying sources of heat loss to reducing energy bills, through to checking the correct functioning of heating and ventilation systems.

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