Meet consumer demand with the latest smart switch from Retrotouch

Meet consumer demand with the latest smart switch from Retrotouch

With smart technology continuing to grow at a rapid rate, and its use extended to many elements of domestic and commercial electrics, we find out more about the latest ‘smart’ solution that is making life easier for electricians and their customers.

The biggest growth area for electricians to keep on top of is, in our opinion, smart home voice- and App-controlled technology, as evidenced by the increasing number of homeowners requesting smarter, more efficient homes and the accelerating development of new and improved smart home devices.

This growth is not limited to smart security, heating and doorbell systems, it is now very much present in the electrical accessory sector – such as smart light switches/lighting systems.

Smart switches such as the range offered by innovative UK lighting brand Retrotouch, have been developed to meet consumer demand for voice-controlled lighting systems. The good news for electricians is that these are extremely easy to install. It’s the same wiring – you’re simply adding more technology with the same install.

This simplicity and ease-of-install makes these types of smart switches an easy up-sell opportunity for electricians to any consumers concerned about complicated and time-consuming installation. The switches fit a 35mm back box using standard wiring with no neutral required.

They’re also highly desirable and super-stylish with attractive glass finishes and a range of colour options. They add the perfect finishing touch to any room, while delivering smart features in one easy-to-fit unit.

For electricians installing the Philips Hue lighting system, Retrotouch also offers a Philips Hue smart light switch that is literally ‘stick anywhere’. These are not dependent on a ‘whole home’ smart lighting system but can be used in the kitchen alone if required.

The wireless, stick-anywhere, battery-free switches can control up to 50 Philips Hue lights and lamps simultaneously. They ensure that the Philips Hue lighting system is always-on and smart, working seamlessly from the switch, via motion, voice and App controls.

By linking the kitchen light switches to a phone and Hue motion sensors, users can take advantage of the excellent automation capabilities without running any wires. For more subtle lighting, it’s possible to play around with colours or turn the switch into an automatic lower-level night light. The switches look great too, with a premium glass finish that brings a stylish designer-feel to any kitchen.

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Step 1: Dependent on the model, the glass panel may come attached. If so, using a flat wide screwdriver, align to the aperture on the bottom of the switch and twist and lift to un-clip. Be careful not to damage the glass.

Step 2: Connect the live feed to the L Port and the Switch Live to the L1 Port. If a Neutral cable is not installed within the property, you can use the Wi-Fi adaptor provided as an alternative. Easy to retrofit and install, a 35mm depth back box is required.

Step 3: Once the switch is powered and operating with the lamp, you can add the switch to the Smart Lithe App. Press and hold the button for 10 seconds or until the LED starts to flash purple. Press the + button and select ‘add device’ on the App. Select the switch you want to add and it will add the selected switch to your network.

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