MK Electric: 100 Years of Safety

MK Electric: 100 Years of Safety

Emma Segelov, MK Electric’s EMEA Marketing Operations Manager, explores how the brand is championing safety in a world increasingly reliant on electrical devices.

When it comes to 13A switchsocket outlets, it’s vital to specify options that feature a three-pin operated ‘child-resistant’ shutter system, which comes as standard across most of the MK Electric range.

These products are designed to prevent access to the electricity supply unless all three pins of a standard British plug are in position, providing additional protection against electrocution.

This is particularly important in homes or properties with young children; for example, if they attempt to force foreign objects into switchsocket outlets.

Small differences

MK Electric pioneered this safety feature with the release of the first ever shuttered socket in 1928: ‘anti-flash’. This was the first design to conceal the live and neutral contacts when the plug was pulled out of the socket, eliminating the alarming ‘flash’ that accompanied plug withdrawal at the time.

Despite this, shuttered sockets were not required by law until British Standard requirements were updated in the post-war era.

Extensive testing

British Standards dictate that switches must be tested up to 40,000 operations and sockets tested to 15,000 insertions and withdrawals.

However, as part of MK Electric’s commitment to quality and reliability, in-house testing can exceed such requirements by 50 or even 100%.

Since its grand opening in 1982 by His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, the MK Electric test laboratory and its dedicated staff have maintained the high standards for which the brand is known.

The laboratory was recently re-certified by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the UK’s national accreditation body for determining the technical competence of testing and certification services.

New technology

All USB integrated sockets provide convenient and flexible access to power for mobile devices, but MK Electric’s range are also electrically protected against an overload or short circuit, preventing damage to the socket and injury to the user in either of these instances.

What’s more, the integrated socket outlets have all of the safety features associated with MK Electric’s 13A switchsocket outlets, including the three-pin operated ‘child-resistant’ shutter system, double pole switching and 3mm minimum switch contact gap.

As wiring devices evolved over the past 100 years, MK Electric has remained committed to upholding the highest levels of quality, reliability and safety.

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