ML Accessories Fast Charge Products

ML Accessories Fast Charge Products

With the use of tablets and smartphones ever rising, ML Accessories details how its latest fast charge products can help support the need for speed.

Let’s turn back time to 2008: according to Ofcom research, only 17% of UK adults own a smartphone and 69% own a desktop PC. No one owns a tablet device, smart TV or smart speaker at this time.

Wind the clock forward ten years and the picture looks very different. 42% now own a smart TV and, with so many convenient, portable options now available, only 28% of the UK has a desktop PC.

Technology has evolved and so has the way we engage with it; as long as there’s an internet connection we can connect to any newsfeed, video or piece of music at the touch of a screen or at the beck and call of a voice command.

As the portable devices we use change and evolve, this also affects the wiring accessories we surround ourselves with at home, at work and in public spaces.

At ML Accessories we’re constantly exploring new ways of getting more out of the wiring accessories we use on a daily basis. We keep our USB options up-to-date with the latest trends so that we can support electricians that want to keep ahead of the curve on innovative wiring solutions.

Multi-device homes

According to research by Flurry from Yahoo, there are more smartphones in the UK than there are people. When you consider the amount of tablet devices, laptops and everything else on top – that’s a lot of USB charging required!

The modern home needs multiple outlets for charging devices and this is precisely why we launched our Quad USB sockets, which pack a whopping 5.1A of charging power shared across four USB Type-A ports (including an optimised 2.1A port for larger devices).

For the modern, tech-savvy homeowner who may possess multiple smartphones, a tablet device, a smartwatch, Amazon Echo and whatever else you can think of, this product packs all their charging and powering needs into just one wall outlet.

Modern lifestyle

With the increased functionality of smartphones making video streaming and image downloading easy, it’s not surprising that we always seem to find ourselves needing to recharge our phone batteries more than once a day. The problem with this is that not many of us have the time of day to wait around for three hours or more while we charge the battery.

To remedy this need for speed, we recently launched two Fast Charge sockets, available with either a Type-A or Type-C Fast Charge USB port. Type-C USB ports in particular are becoming more popular as the demand for compact plug connectors increases. These Fast Charge models allow users to charge compatible devices up to three times faster than conventional USB chargers, offering a convenient solution to those who need to charge their devices quickly and often.

By having a proper USB solution available to them, electricians can ensure they’re fully equipped for installations geared towards increasingly techology-driven environments.

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