New GRID360 Kinetic range from Selectric

New GRID360 Kinetic range from Selectric

We find out more about the latest addition to the Selectric portfolio of switches.

The new GRID360 Kinetic range from Selectric is a revolutionary wireless switch system that eliminates the need for batteries or power cables. Unlike traditional wired switches, these switches can be installed on any surface and don’t require complicated cable runs within walls.

The system provides a clean, convenient, and safe solution that is not only easy to install but also reliable. Additionally, users can easily move and rearrange the switch without the hassle of rewiring.

Proven solutions

GRID360 Kinetic wall switches have been proven to be stable in signal transmission, and well-designed in appearance which will fit into the popular GRID360 range of products. Furthermore, the system uses a very small amount of energy and so reduces overall power consumption, which will result in economic savings and contribute towards an improved carbon footprint.

  • SGRID360-494
  • SGRID360-505

Taking control

Selectric offers a wide range of receivers to choose from to solve real-life controlling requirements, with a selection of non-dimmable, dimmable, and smart receivers, suitable for wide input voltage from AC85-240V 50/60Hz.

The lowest and highest brightness level can be set by an App on the smart dimmer. This helps the performance and compatibility of the dimmer to suit more dimmable light fittings whilst avoiding flicker and slow response issues that can often be found with smart dimmers. A 30 metre transmission range (depending on context and application) ensures the switches will perform steadily under complex indoor installations (70 metres for outdoor).

Full compatibility

All the switches available in the GRID360 Kinetic range are compatible with current finishes in the GRID360 range meaning you can integrate this system seamlessly into your existing setup without needing to change any finishes or aesthetics. This makes it easy to upgrade switches to the GRID360 Kinetic range while maintaining a cohesive look throughout the space. It also offers greater convenience, flexibility, reliability, and security.

Whether for personal or professional use, the kinetic wireless switch provides a new level of control and flexibility for the end user. If you’re seeking a more intuitive and flexible way to control your devices, investing in a GRID360 Kinetic is something that is well worth considering.

Browse the full Selectric GRID360 Kinetic range here

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