Niglon’s new range of PROTEGO consumer units

Niglon’s new range of PROTEGO consumer units

We learn more about why Niglon’s new range of PROTEGO consumer units has been engineered with the electrician firmly in mind.

PROTEGO means ‘to protect’ in Latin, and in developing this range Niglon has sought not just to keep the homeowner secure, but also to make the life of the installer as easy as possible.

Boasting many installation benefits, the board was conceived and developed in conjunction with feedback from the trade, with the focus on developing a product with lots of features, including:

1. No more fiddling with lids or poorly fitting boards

Do you use consumer units which warp on a job or which you struggle to fit the lid onto once installed and loaded with devices? PROTEGO boards are very robust, being made from 1.2 mm steel, and have a softly curved profile, meaning you can eliminate ill-fitting or misaligned boards on the next job. The lid of the consumer units are also flush fitting, which aids installations in tight spaces.

2. Quality edging strip which does not pull out

Do you curse when pulling cables through the rear knockouts of the consumer unit? PROTEGO boards come with a rubberised edging strip with metal inserts which holds its shape, overcoming the annoying installation problem associated with plastic grommet strip which can easily pull out.

3. A neat and tidy install

Do you like having a neatly dressed board, which is finished in a professional way? PROTEGO boards come with a free tail gland kit, have extra depth to enable correct dressing of the board, and come with 20 and 32 mm knockouts which are easy to remove. A fitted spirit level allows for a quick fit on the level, and longer terminal bars provide a greater variety of wiring configurations. The combi style terminal screws are already backed off, and the din rail has been raised up to allow extra space for cables.

4. Safety, safety, safety

Niglon provides a mains switch with dual terminals, reducing the chance of a poor connection and eliminating the need for a secondary cable clamp. A free busbar shield is supplied to every consumer unit and all devices are third party accredited by Semko and TUV to offer extra confidence in the quality of products.

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