NVC’s lighting solutions are put to good use in two recent lighting projects

NVC’s lighting solutions are put to good use in two recent lighting projects

The team at NVC recount two recent projects that have seen a number of the brand’s lighting solutions put to good use.


Having previously been commissioned by UK Land Estates to construct an industrial unit on the Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate that resulted in an award winning building, Tri Construction was the obvious choice when a further unit needed to be developed.

The 48,000 sq ft office, warehouse and storage facility required significant M&E services that were provided by Opus Building Services. This included the provision of internal, external and emergency lighting.

More than 100 NVC fittings were installed throughout the building including OREGON IKO9, IP20 rated industrial luminaires and Fulton FULTON IP40, edge lit, LED recessed panels in both standard and emergency versions. Opus also chose PRESTON robust IK10, IP54 rated LED halo effect circular bulkheads, WESTPORT IP44 rated low glare downlights and LEXINGTON Pro IP20 rated LED emergency wall-mounted exit boxes.

Opus selected NVC for a variety of reasons, including its seven-year unlimited hours warranty and the lithium-ion emergency batteries in its emergency lighting which makes it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Also, because of their high performance, fewer fittings could be used in the warehouse space with high output Oregon luminaires delivering the light levels required. And with the addition of PIR occupancy sensors, these fittings automatically adjust light output to suit the outside conditions and usage of the space, which results in a better working environment and reduced energy consumption.


When it was recently decided to upgrade the canteen, kitchen and pantry areas at Ashington Academy, modern looking, energy efficient, high performance lighting was an important consideration.

NELT’s Mechanical & Electrical Engineer, Adam King, specified NVC’s products, stating: “I’ve had NVC products installed on many previous projects. They’re good value in terms of their quality and price and the extensive warranty is an extra reason to specify them for the peace of mind that brings.”

NVC lighting products installed by local contractor Gemini Electrical Services include: GREENLAND IK 10, IP66-rated non-corrosive, impact and chemical resistant, industrial LED luminaires, which provide the dust and water tightness required in the school’s kitchen; DALLAS stylish and robust IK06 surface and suspended LED luminaires offering a very contemporary look needed for the canteen; TEXAS economical batten IP20 rated luminaires that have surface mounted LEDs on a metal-core PCB, steel body construction and opal polycarbonate diffusers; and DENALI robust IK10, IP65 LED circular bulkheads, ideal for wall or surface mounting, which have been installed outside the school because they’re both anti-tamper and vandal resistant.

Browse NVC’s 2022/23 lighting product catalogue here

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