Olson Electronics | Retractor Solution

Olson Electronics | Retractor Solution

Fresh from the launch of its new Retractor solution, Olson Electronics explains why it is a company that doesn’t hang around.

After exhibiting at recent industry trade shows, we’ve noticed a high demand from our customers for a particular accessory to incorporate with one of the most eye-catching products in our range.

Introducing the Retractor
Designed as a retracting option for our range of suspended Power Distribution Units (PDUs), the Retractor is ideal for industrial applications where a suspended, strong and compact PDU is required. This type of accessory can also be used in many different environments, such as hospitals, tyre shops, broadcasting sites and workshops, to name a few.


In essence the Retractor option allows the suspended unit to be lowered to the required working position, locked in place and then retracted back up when it is no longer in use. Alternatively, if you have no requirement for the units to retract we can offer chain and standard cable, which is particularly popular in the more industrial/heavy duty environments. We can also cut the chain/cable to any length required.

The rise and fall operation of the product is also a much safer and easier option, particularly in busy environments.

The maximum distance of travel is 2m and the end stop can be moved to adjust the starting height. Olson also offers a “spring” cable option to go with the Retractor unit to connect the suspended unit to a ceiling mounted power point. Three cable types are available: 1.5mm², 2.5mm² or 4mm² (to suit the rating of the socket on the unit) with bare ends or fitted with a 13A/16A/32A plug, as required. The cable length from the Retractor is 5m, allowing further cabling above the unit and retraction system.

Multiple options
The suspended PDUs have a variety of sockets available, including the standard UK 13A (BS 1363) sockets which are often fitted with USB ports, meaning you can multitask while you work. There’s also 16A (IEC 60309/BS 4343) and 32A (IEC 60309/BS 4343) options, available in 110V or 230V. We can, of course, modify the units to suit whichever socket types the customer requires.

The units themselves are cube shaped to offer maximum versatility and can allow for up to eight sockets per unit and a handle at the bottom of the product makes it easy to carry and transport.

We’re confident that this new product will be an extremely useful addition to the range and the convenience it offers is second to none, taking our suspended PDU range to a whole new innovative level. We care about our customers’ needs and it’s exciting that we’ve created something that will make a difference to how our PDUs can be used.

For more information on the Retractor unit from Olson Electronics, visit: www.olson.co.uk

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