On-site safety: a very ‘series’ subject | Di-LOG

On-site safety: a very ‘series’ subject | Di-LOG

Dave Sweetman, Marketing & Business Development Director at Di-LOG Group, discusses when the company’s latest product launches are the ideal aid to helping electricians to take a safety first approach on-site.

If 2020 has taught us anything, keeping yourself and others around you safe is of paramount importance if we’re to move forward in our everyday lives. That fact holds even more weight as we steadily adopt the new normal. The UK population has adapted to the process of wearing face coverings, and antibacterial gel being implemented several times a day so as to keep ourselves protected and, as importantly, helping to fight off the potential of a second wave.

What does this have to do with safe isolation?

We’ve proved that changes in the mindset around our daily routines are very much possible when the safety of ourselves and others around us could be at risk. So, therefore, why is implementing a clear and concise safe isolation process not adopted across many trades, especially for persons working in the Low Voltage (LV) electrical industry?

Is it price? Is it availability? Is it the right product? Maybe it’s all three!

TesterDespite the current climate, Di-LOG continues to develop products that maintain the highest level of quality standards as well as striving to keep critical electrical safety products intuitive and affordable.

The new PU690 voltage indicator proving unit is a good example as it enables you to simply and effectively prove voltage operation of your 2-pole voltage indicator, confirming that the instrument is fully functioning before and after verification. The unit has been developed with safety in mind, along with size, reliability and a CAT II rating of 750V. The ergonomically formed housing has been designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand whilst providing clearly identifiable inputs to safely prove your voltage indicator.

Every trades professional with experience of working on a busy site knows how it feels to take responsibility for the other workers around them. When you’re dealing with live electricity there’s no room for calculated risks and educated guesses. The only way you can ensure the safety of you and your colleagues is through adopting adequate safe isolation procedures.

ProvingCombination kits

The emergence of Di-LOG’s new proving unit also means that we’re able to launch the DLPK67xx Series of CombiVolt Voltage Indicator Proving Unit kits (DLPK6780 and DLPK6790).

The kit consists of the PU690 unit combined with the CombiVolt series of voltage indicators. Fully compliant to GS38 and BS 61243-3:2014, the DLPK67xx series kits offer fantastic safety, quality and value for all trades people working on low voltage systems.

The kits come packaged in a bespoke carry pouch fitted with a durable carrying strap and belt loop making them compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed. Our aim is to ensure the user keeps it on their person ready to conduct the correct safe isolation procedure as outlined and in accordance with Regulation 13 of the “Electricity at Works Regulations 1989”. It states:

‘Adequate precautions shall be taken to prevent electrical equipment, which has been made dead in order to prevent danger while work is carried out on or near that equipment, from becoming electrically charged during that work if danger may thereby arise.’

The DLPK67xx Series Kits are supplied in two variations: DLPK6780 is supplied with the PU690, 690V Proving unit, CombiVolt 1 LED Voltage & Continuity Indicator and Carry Pouch, while the DLPK6790 is supplied with the PU690, 690V Proving Unit, CombiVolt 2 Digital Voltage & Continuity Indicator and Carry Pouch.

Lockout & Tagout

To complete the full safe isolation portfolio, Di-LOG offers a multitude of lockout tagout kits, ranging from a the DLLOC1 personal kit, which contains the minimum required to lockout most domestic MCBs, through to the more comprehensive DLLOC4 kit which offers a fully insulated padlock and hasp with an array of devices for the more commercial installation.

Companies such as Di-LOG have all the tools to help and guide you in making your working environment a safer place for you, your colleagues and others around you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

View the Di-LOG safety series equipment product leaflet by clicking here

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