Over 25% of construction businesses are facing skilled worker shortages | Koozai

Over 25% of construction businesses are facing skilled worker shortages | Koozai

Over one quarter of construction businesses are facing worker shortages, according to a new study of government data by digital marketing agency Koozai.

The new data analysis, which looked at the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics, reveals the extent of worker shortages across different industries and areas of the UK.

The study found that 25.2% of businesses in construction services are having issues with recruiting enough skilled staff – making it one of the industries most significantly impacted by worker shortages. 14.1% of UK businesses overall are experiencing worker shortages, meaning that the skills shortages in construction are more significant than the UK average.

Other UK industries experiencing particularly large worker shortages include accommodation and food services (37.4%%), transport and storage (16.2%), real estate (14.3%), administrative and support services (13.5%), manufacturing (13.3%), and the wholesale and retail trade (12%).

 There are also regional disparities in worker shortages. The areas of the UK with the highest proportion of businesses experiencing worker shortages include Cornwall (33%), Lancashire (25.2%), Dorset and Somerset (22.8%), East Wales (22%), and Shropshire and Staffordshire (21.9%).

Koozai Owner & Managing Director Sophie Roberts said: “Our study suggests that construction businesses may be experiencing particular difficulties in recruiting enough staff with the right skills right now, just as predictions of recession and increased energy costs loom large over the national economy.”

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