Ovia – switching up its downlight offering

Ovia – switching up its downlight offering

With Issue 5 of the Ovia catalogue recently released into circulation, Mike Collins, Managing Director, shines a light on one of the new light fittings which he believes will be a star performer for the company this year.

Small and compact in name and format but packing a huge punch when it comes to features and benefits is the new Inceptor Milli dimmable, fixed, fire-rated LED downlight.

Designed to complement the range of downlight solutions already offered by Ovia, Inceptor Milli is aimed predominantly at the domestic market. It combines style and functionality to provide installers with a downlight that is quick and easy to fit and offers a range of features at the flick of a switch.

Standard or baffle

Inceptor Milli is an IP65-rated downlight that is available both in standard/fixed and baffle versions. The standard version provides a 60 ̊ beam angle, while the baffle provides a more focused 25 ̊ angle. The baffle design ensures a more concentrated and directional illumination, making it an ideal choice for highlighting specific areas. The baffle is offered in a choice of white or black.

Five bezel finishes are available, with a choice of white, black, chrome, satin chrome and antique brass on offer. With the standard version you simply order the finish of your choice as a fixed finish.

The baffle version is supplied with a white bezel, but this can be interchanged with any of the other finishes and they are purchased separately. Simply twist the existing bezel to remove and replace with the colour finish of your choice. This also means that for a fresh new look in the future, it’s simply a case of replacing the bezels with an alternative finish.

Switching it up

A key feature to highlight with the Milli downlight is the element of control that is offered in this one fitting. There is the option to seamlessly switch between 6.4 W and 4 W power outputs using a single switch to provide users with unprecedented control over their lighting environments.

There is also the ability to easily switch the colour temperatures between 2700K (warm white), 4000K (cool white) and 6500K (daylight). This allows for effortless adaptation to varying lighting needs and makes is easy for the end user to tailor the lighting to suit their individual needs.

Whether they’re seeking a vibrant, well-lit atmosphere or a more subdued, energy-conscious ambiance, the Inceptor Milli ensures optimal flexibility.


Rotatable insulation cover

One feature that sets the Inceptor Milli apart is the insulation cover which introduces a practical solution for installation challenges. The rotatable insulation cover allows you to install the downlights safely under insulation but also adjust the cover, allowing for 5 mm extra clearance.

On the standard/fixed Milli downlight the insulation cover can be twisted to the up and down position and still fit in a 60 mm void. The baffle version can only fit in a 60 mm void when the insulation cover is down and the plasterboard is a minimum thickness of 12.5 cm.

By accommodating insulation materials more effectively, the Inceptor Milli ensures optimal performance. Unrestricted airflow around the fixture helps manage heat dissipation, contributing to the longevity and efficiency of the downlight.

Our downlights are fire rated to 30, 60 and 90 minutes and also feature an intumescent strip, which, when exposed to fire, expands to seal the gap between the light fitting and plasterboard.

Fast fit connection

All Inceptor Milli downlights are supplied pre-wired with a Fast-Fit, 3-Pole & Loop Flow connector, and we also provide a loose push-fit Flow connector in the box which ensures a quick and easy installation process.

Broad cut-out range

The Inceptor Milli has a broad cut-out range of 64 mm to 75 mm, which allows the downlights to be installed in a wide range of existing ceiling downlight cut-outs.


With the aim of providing a practical and cost-effective solution for a comprehensive range of lighting projects, Inceptor Milli is available in a convenient 10-pack box.

Sustainable Inceptor

Our industry is currently evolving from a linear to a circular economy, and this will only intensify in the coming months and years. The emphasis is on reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill by embracing a re-using, remaking/repairing and recycling mentality.

Sustainability drives all the decisions and actions we make at Ovia. We’re committed to contributing to the transition to a circular economy and our aim is to make Ovia a market leader in sustainable lighting.

TM66 Assured Product Verification Scheme

We’re working towards our Inceptor luminaires scoring highly on the TM66 Assured Product Verification Scheme. This scheme is an innovative initiative developed and fulfilled by the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) and endorsed by CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) and its aim is to advance circular economy practices within the lighting industry.

Our Inceptor products have been tested and scored well on the TM66 Circularity Report. Testing involves the gathering of thorough evidence to support the specifications of our product range. We use the LIA to verify our TM66 results to ensure we have a consistent and accurate rating.

We’re proud advocates of TM66 and have been given the opportunity to be founding partners, demonstrating our commitment to a circular economy for our industry.

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