Multi-Product Test: Snickers Workwear

Multi-Product Test: Snickers Workwear

The modern workwear of today is not only keeping trade professionals safer and cooler than ever, it’s also crossing over into the mainstream as garments become more stylish – making it suitable for all generations of electrician. We put this theory to the test as a family trio tries out some of Snickers’ latest innovations.


Based in Cumbernauld, just outside of Glasgow, S&J Electrical really is the definition of a family business. Father and son combination, Jim (62) and Euan Crichton (37) are joined by Euan’s cousin Scott (42) in the firm.

As an active family that likes to travel around in their camper van or up into the Scottish hills for some much deserved peace and quiet, the team at S&J Electrical were the ideal trio to put the latest selection of Snickers workwear to the test – both in their work and leisure time.

The team were given the opportunity to try out three of Snickers’ latest generation garments: FLEXIWork Floorlayer Trousers These new and innovative trousers take the best features, fabrics and functionality from Snickers’ new FLEXIWork range and combine them with the best of the classic Floorlayer trouser. AllroundWork 37.5 Tech Polo Shirt Experience great workday comfort, even when working hard during warm days. Waffle structured 37.5 fabric ensures great ventilation and moisture transport for the best in climate control. Solid Gear Revolution Infinity Safety Trainers These innovative safety trainers feature a ‘bounce back’ mid-sole which gives a 55% ‘energy return’ that will put a real spring in your step to reduce fatigue and stress on your back, legs and feet.

Have you used Snickers workwear before?

Euan: No, I’ve not worn Snickers before. When the garments arrived my first impression was that they were excellent quality, well made items that were comfortable and fitted nicely.

Jim: Much like my son, I’m also a first time user. The comfort offered by each item was something that struck me the most, and I found that the trousers and polo offered plenty of room and flexibility.

Scott: Yes I’ve used Snickers trousers and also a tool vest before, so I know how strong the brand is. These latest items feature all the Snickers hallmarks of quality and innovation.

Were there any features of the workwear that particularly caught your eye?

E: The vast amount of tool pockets in the Floorlayer trousers was impressive and allowed me to carry many tools on my person without the addition of a tool vest – Mary Poppins’ bag didn’t get a look in! As someone who is fairly fashion-conscious I also really liked the trainer style of the steel toe capped shoes.

J: I thought that the Floorlayer trousers, in particular, were brilliant! There’s plenty of room for manoeuvre and the pockets are made with extra protection for carrying tools in. I was also impressed with how strong the kneepad holders were too, as it’s important to have that sort of protection for your knees, particularly when you’re older. 

S: I was surprised at how comfortable the shoes were – especially when used for long durations. The number of pockets on the Floorlayer trousers is also a really strong USP.

How did the items perform at work?

E: I’ve worn the garments for general everyday work and found them to be robust, hard-wearing and ideal for the type of tasks we carry out. They’re also very comfortable and stylish at the same time.

J: Much like Euan, the workwear has had regular use on the jobs we’ve been carrying out – whether it’s stripping out, wiring, or fitting out of all things electrical.

S: The gear has been excellent for work and I’ve made use of it on-site for all different tasks where a high level of comfort and safety is needed, such as pulling in cables, wiring lights, fitting out sockets and strip outs.

The modern generation of workwear often transcends into the world of leisure as well. How did you make use of the garments in your own time/hobbies?

E: I’ve really made use of the polo short for leisure wear and even took it with me on a recently family camping trip. The lightweight material kept me nice and cool, even when I was stressing about setting up the tent!

J: I wear the polo shirt for hill walking, in particular. Obviously comfort is of the essence in that sort of activity and the fact that the garment keeps you cool as well makes it ideal for a leisure activity of this sort.

S: Again, the polo has had the most use outside of work and I love wearing it when I’m out for walks with my dog.

What was your favourite garment and why?

E: If I had to pick one then it would be the Floorlayer trousers – the number of useful tool pockets on them really impressed me.

J: My favourite garment is the polo. It’s a brilliant fit and performs fantastically on those hot days we’ve been having lately.

S: It’s the Floorlayer trousers for me. They give the wearer plenty of room to move, yet they’re very tough, so will last a long time. This is especially important when you consider the amount of wear and tear that workwear is subjected to in our job.

Are there any improvements that you would make to the garments?

E: I think the Floorlayer trousers would benefit from a hi-vis strip, and you could possibly make the knee pads accessible from the outside of the garment, as opposed to the inside.

J: The trouser legs could be a bit longer.

S: The same as Jim, my only recommendation would be for the trousers to feature a longer leg as I’m 6ft 3″ and they could prove a little short for someone of that height.

Would you recommend the garments to other professionals?

E: Absolutely! This is the best workwear that I’ve had the pleasure of using – it looks the part, is trendy and is the type of thing I’d be happy to wear in my spare time. In my opinion, all trades could benefit from investing in this workwear.

J: Yes, without doubt. And I’ve got many hills still to climb so the polo will undoubtedly be coming with me on those journeys.

S: Yes indeed! In fact most professional trades will benefit from using these products.

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