Product Test: Fluke 180LR Line Laser Level

Product Test: Fluke 180LR Line Laser Level
Photo Credit To Fluke

For this product review Reece Fitzhardy tells us more about his experience of using the Fluke 180LR Line Laser Level.

As most electricians will know, having a level in your tool kit is very handy, especially when you’re trying to align fixings accurately. This great new laser level from Fluke features a convenient self-levelling mechanism which operates just below 6˚ for both the vertical and horizontal plane. It’s very well built and comes in a pouch that contains the laser level, a set of batteries and a magnetic steel bracket. A universal tripod fixing additionally allows for horizontal adjustment only. The tool that I was supplied with provided a red laser light (180LR), but a green laser version is also available (180LG).

Setting the unit up for vertical or horizontal beams is a piece of cake, and requires you to simply push the power button a certain number of times to get the setting that you desire: once = horizontal beam, twice = vertical beam, three times = both horizontal and vertical and four times = manual level. A fifth push of the power button then switches off the unit. The only other control that the operator then needs to worry about is the pulse button which follows the same method as above, but provides the user with a pulsed laser instead.

Putting it to use

The tool does require a bit of practice, but a short usage guide provided within the pouch will help get you started. It’s also important to remember the safety fundamentals when using a product of this type, so care is required when setting up at, or close to, eye level.

 Although the unit can be used for tasks such as accurate layout and transfer of drawings to work sites, my main use for it was in the alignment of outlets, switches and sockets, where it performed exceptionally well on every task and I found the lines to be clean and clear, even from a distance.

The red LED shows when the unit is out of vertical or horizontal boundary and although the pulsed laser is a great addition, I did find this more difficult to see in bright light so would recommend this was used in conjunction with laser detectors.

 It’s a tough product that’s designed to survive a one metre drop and I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for a tool that offers quick, simple and accurate levelling and layout.

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