Putting the spotlight on Ovia’s commercial floodlight products

Putting the spotlight on Ovia’s commercial floodlight products

Katie Plumstead, Group Marketing Manager, Scolmore Group, puts the spotlight on some of the Ovia commercial floodlight products that are proving a hit with installers.

Now in its fourth year of trading as an independent lighting company, Ovia continues to go from strength to strength. One area where the company continues to make big gains is in exterior floodlighting, with an offering that comprises an extensive range of powerful and efficient flood, wall pack and street lighting.

Inceptor Ace

Inceptor Ace is a range of adjustable, LED asymmetric floodlights which provides high quality indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Asymmetric floodlights are superior in concentrating light where it is needed by using reflectors to direct light in front of the fixture where illuminance is required. With symmetric floodlights, on the other hand, the light is distributed evenly in all directions.

Asymmetric floodlights can achieve up to a 50% better output utilisation into the intended illuminated area. With the benefit of a lower light pollution, they’re best suited in areas where light distribution and its effect on neighbours is a consideration. This makes them ideal for installation in built-up areas, towns and cities, for use in sports grounds, warehouses and loading bays.

All Ovia Inceptor Ace floodlights are IP65 rated and come with a five-year warranty. They’re available in a black finish, in 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300W versions, with 4000K cool white LEDs. They are supplied with a 2M pre-wired cable flex for quick and easy installation, and a fully adjustable aluminium mounting bracket, which allows full control of the projection angle.

The Inceptor Ace floodlights are also available in photocell versions (100, 150, 200 and 300W). With all the features and benefits of the standard fitting previously described, the photocell option allows for use with remote PIRs or microwave sensors. The photocell versions turn the light on when the light level drops under 10-20 lux and turns the light off once the light level is over 30-60 lux.

Gator LED Street Lighting

Ovia’s portfolio of floodlight solutions also includes the Gator range of LED Street Lighting with CTA Switch. With an IK10 housing and IP66 rating, Gator is ideal for lighting larger outdoor areas, such as car parks and walkways, and is designed to be quick and simple to install via toolless entry, with the toolless gear tray allowing for easy maintenance.

There are three size/wattage options to choose from – large (135W), medium (65-100W) and small (20-40W) – and they offer 50,000 hour lifetime and 85⁰ x 150⁰ beam angle. They’re available in a grey finish and come with a five-year warranty.

The reversible mount option is an additional feature, meaning the mount bracket can be rotated and pivoted to allow for vertical or horizontal fitment with no additional joints required. The Spigot size is 76mm and a wall bracket is available. The shorting cap can also be replaced with a photocell sensor to assist with energy saving.

Inceptor Murus

Inceptor Murus is an LED Wall Pack with CTA Switch and a robust IK10 rated housing that makes it ideal in outdoor settings. The IP66 rated fitting is designed to be fast and simple to install and is available in 15W and 25W options and in a choice of standard, photocell and emergency versions. The photocell version can assist with energy saving by allowing the light to turn on and off at set lux levels. Inceptor Murus will turn on when the lux level is below 10-30 lux.

Installation of the Murus is quick and easy, thanks to the Push Fit/Piano Key Terminal Block and the floodlight can be Besa box or trunking mounted. All models include a CTA Switch, allowing the product to change colour temperature between Warm White 3000K, Cool White 4000K and Daylight 6000K. It is available in anthracite grey or light grey and comes with a five-year warranty.

DALI compatibility

Ovia also offers the Murus with a DALI driver. This means that the luminaire can be connected to any system which uses the DALI protocol, making it fully programmable. The advantages of this are that the luminaires have the capability of automatic control from a central hub. As DALI information is bi-directional this means that as well as sending commands, each individual luminaire on the DALI line can be monitored for energy efficiency and status.

With the addition of DALI compatible sensors or programming to the system the Murus, through use of Presence, Absence and daylight dimming, can maximise the efficiency of all luminaires. Through programming, DALI also offers the option of grouping luminaires, setting scenes and timed overrides, making the Murus suitable for all external applications.

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