REBBAL: the solution to replacing a broken electrical back box lug

REBBAL: the solution to replacing a broken electrical back box lug

We find out why frustrations with a common on-site issue inspired one electrician to come up with a solution to the problem.

As an electrician, Shaun Kempson was becoming frustrated with the process of arriving on-site for second fix on a project only to find the back box lug was damaged or missing. The process of making good could easily then turn a five minute job into a few hours, at least.

It was at this stage that he decided to do something about the issue, as he explains: “We wanted something which was easy and quick to fit but would be stronger than the original.

“The reason that strength is important is that all 3.5mm screws used to be manufactured from electro plated brass, so if you over-tightened you would likely strip the screw thread and not the lug. Today a lot of these products are made from steel, so making sure that REBBAL is made from a thicker material than the original lug immediately provides more threads.”

He continues: “After scouring the market for a solution that would provide simplicity of fitment and added strength, we came up empty handed. It was at this stage that we decided to design our own product – REBBAL – which we believe will save end users both time and money.”

REBBAL (Replacement Electrical Back Box Attachment Lug) gives the movement and adjustment of the original sliding lug, so it can even be used to replace the fixed side if movement is needed to square up the front plate because the back box isn’t level.

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Tested in the field

It has been designed for use on back boxes from 25mm deep upwards, though operators may need to use a longer 3.5mm screw if the back box is set deeply within the plaster.

The replacement lug is manufactured in 2mm thick steel which is much thicker than the original lug. There are also more screw threads holding the 3.5mm thread, which puts less strain on the screw threads and helps to prevent damage and failure of the screw.

The product has been tested and used by electricians in the field, with glowing references for the time saved and ease of use that the product provides.

If you’d like to receive more information about the product directly, please contact:

Watch a REBBAL product demonstration video here

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