How To Install The Rointe Delta Ultimate Radiator

How To Install The Rointe Delta Ultimate Radiator

In this article, Rointe will show the process of installing and connecting the new range of Delta Ultimate radiators.

Rointe stands out from other electric heating manufacturers as they include a fitting template in all the radiators’ boxes which helps the installation as you don’t have to measure anything which takes time and makes the whole process longer and more difficult.

The DELTA Ultimate range connects directly to the internet via the router without needing other devices. Once connected, you can control the heating from wherever you want, whenever you want via the Rointe Connect mobile app.

Easy Install
Forget about measuring! Rointe makes the job of installing the product easy by way of a template so you only have to mark the hole.

Tools required for the installation: Phillips screwdriver, drill, rubber hammer and marker

The Rointe Connect app is available Android 4.0 or superior in Google Play, for iOS 8.0 or superior in the Apple App Store and

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