The Route to Efficiency With C.K tools

The Route to Efficiency With C.K tools

Graham Godfrey, Brand Manager at C.K tools, looks at the importance of stocking quality tools and accessories that can directly respond to efficiency issues on-site.

Every tradesman is aware that time is money and quality equipment, designed specifically for the task at hand, plays a vital role in the quick and efficient completion of a project. Any tool that can provide significant timesaving on-site equates to increased productivity and, in turn, profit.

Cable routing is one such task that can prove time-consuming, preventing electricians from working efficiently and potentially impacting on the finished result of a job. Typical inefficiencies that can add unnecessary complications to the task at hand include harmful splintering, difficulty accessing tight corners and working in dimly lit areas.

Mighty measures
In addressing both timesaving and proficiency, C.K tools has launched a pioneering range of next generation cable rods, which feature advanced technology and are set to enhance its already extensive range of cable routing tools. The C.K MightyRod PRO cable rods fuse a series of advanced technological features to deliver the ultimate in performance and efficiency.

Featuring SplinterSHIELD, a significant advancement in cable rod technology and a European first, the durable, 100% splinter-proof coating fully encases the inner fibreglass rod to prevent harmful and painful splintering.

Available in three different degrees of rigidity for different applications – a 7mm rigid rod for overhead use, a 6mm flexible rod for most everyday applications, and a 4mm super-flexible rod – there is also a mini-coiled spring steel Flexi Lead that aids navigation through obstacles and around bends.

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A splinter-proof MightyRod PRO GLO rod has also been developed. The glow-in-the-dark, phosphorescent rod not only brings light to low-light working conditions, it also enables professionals to work without fear of experiencing painful splinters.

Completing the innovative cable rod range is the super-flexible 1m SPIRA-FLEX rod, which is perfect for accessing tight corners, bends or obstacles. Manufactured from an advanced Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material with a helical profile, the SPIRA-FLEX rod reduces friction as it rides across surfaces, making the act of pulling and pushing a run of rods far easier, particularly in conduits or trunking where there is cabling already in-situ.

Leading accessories
The new range comes complete with a series of industry-leading accessories. Offering unsurpassed levels of strength, the triple-fixed Mighty-Fix connectors undergo a unique triple fixing system, resulting in a far more secure connector-to-rod bond to prevent disconnection during heavy load jobs. With a tensile strength in excess of 275kg the slim profile of the super-tough zinc-plated steel Mighty-Fix connectors also reduces snagging and provides accessibility through smaller holes.

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