Schneider Electric Easy 9+ and Resi9+

Schneider Electric Easy 9+ and Resi9+

Deepak Sharad, Category Manager at Schneider Electric, introduces the Easy9+ and Resi9+ BS7671 Amendment 3 compliant consumer units.

In light of the new BS7671 Amendment 3 regulations, Schneider Electric identified an opportunity to create a new product range from the ground up. As such, the Easy9+ and Resi9+’s fully compliant metal enclosure provides a safe and consistent, modern design. Features include a high quality material preventing any flex or distortion when mounting to uneven surfaces, magnetic closure and semi-flush mounting capability.

The fact that consumer units and wiring systems are fitted into varying environments means that having the correct product type and system in place has become more important than ever. Whilst keeping costs low is always front of mind for contractors, it should never be the sole dictator when it comes to choosing the product or type of system to be installed. It is essential that thorough consideration is given to safety and functionality. As part of this, it is crucial that contractors have access to fully compliant products with the necessary superior safety credentials, whilst also improving the installation experience and cost efficiency.

Ease of installation
The new ranges of Easy9+ and Resi9+ consumer units have been designed with the installer in mind. In order to achieve this Schneider Electric carried out multiple focus groups with electricians in order to research their requirements, which were taken on board throughout the development of the products themselves.

Cabling space has been significantly improved in light of customer feedback. The additional cabling space at the top, bottom, sides and behind the busbar ensures a trouble-free and flexible install for all applications.

To ensure that every installation is finished neatly, and is easily identifiable for the end user, both ranges now include improved labelling kits with clear pictograms and supporting text. Both ranges also include an incoming cable clamp kit option, providing a mechanical means to limit cable disturbance at the incoming device. Cabling flexibility has been enhanced by providing four large rear knockouts and additional top and bottom knockouts with left and right entries for incoming cables. The trouble-free and rounded knockouts allow for both conduit and trunking applications, always ensuring a neat finish to any job.

Easy9+ offers a contemporary designed consumer unit with a conventional busbar system, and the enclosure can be modified to suit split-load or other configurations on site, while the flexible split load configuration option ensures that mainstream applications can be catered for with just one consumer unit. Resi9+ offers a removable plug on pan assembly and fewer terminals to torque test, designed for speed of installation.

Aesthetically pleasing
Due to the increasing visibility of consumer units within living spaces, the Easy9+ and Resi9+ ranges do not compromise on design. With a sleek, curved profile, crisp white finish and minimalistic markings, the consumer units blend seamlessly with modern home aesthetics. The customisable front also offers additional flexibility. This unique feature allows homeowners or electricians to enhance the look of the unit with anything from a family photograph to an advert for your business respectively.

Additionally, the Easy9+ and Resi9+ can be semi-flush mounted, reducing obtrusion into living and communal spaces. This allows for a more compact install, particularly when space is limited but the unit needs to be easily accessible for the end user. The improved look also lends itself to modern interiors as well as retro-fits, especially when combined to include the customisable front face.

Listening to the customer
Schneider Electric are committed to meeting the needs of Schneider-cover-rangetheir customers. As such, they have listened closely to what it is installers and consumers want to ensure an offering that meets the mark. The Easy9+ & Resi9+ ranges now have a customisable front option, allowing electricians and homeowners to add a personal touch to a product they have previously never had control of, whether that be a garage retrofit, or a more visible unit in a new-build. At you can order a front which matches your home décor, shows a family picture, or alternatively can act as an advert for your business. The sleek modern aesthetics have not come at the expense of functionality or safety, with the range offering high levels of residential circuit protection safety and peace of mind to the consumer.

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