Smart products installers need to look out for | Timeguard

Smart products installers need to look out for | Timeguard

Andy Douglas, MD of Timeguard, looks at the range of products available that can help turn you into a smarter installer.

What does the term ‘smart home’ mean to you? On the one hand there are the mega mansions with mood lighting, high security, curtains that open and close by themselves and, in all probability, a home cinema. It’s fabulous business for the specialist installers who put it all together, but beyond the budget of most homeowners.

At the other end of the scale, we see the automatic doorbells and cameras that are usually designed for DIY installation and of course, doing the smart bit by letting you watch what’s going on.

However, the DIY approach can also go horribly wrong, as one man found last year, when a judge agreed that the positioning of his cameras had placed a neighbour under continuous visual surveillance and awarded damages against him.

Neatly bridging this gap is the new generation of smart Wi-Fi controls for professional installation. These are most definitely in demand as people tire of unreliable DIY gadgets. Currently, the main focus for most people is ‘energy saving’, and they are buying in to hard wired smart Wi-Fi accessories that can give them remote control of their energy-guzzling appliances, turning things on and off or adjusting time settings from a smartphone.

So, look out for smart wall sockets, in-line adaptors and fused spurs with Wi-Fi control at the wholesalers and you can win the business that’s there for the taking.

What should you look for?

Twin Wi-Fi wall sockets can offer daily and weekly timing programmes and countdown timing, with each socket under individual control.

Alternatively, in-line adaptors can bring quick and easy Wi-Fi functionality to pretty much any device or appliance and are proving particularly useful to automate an existing light fitting. Remember, UK wall switches have no neutral so designing-in reliable Wi-Fi controlled switches as direct replacements has proved to be elusive.

Now, ‘In-line’ Wi-Fi connectors are simply wired-in in series and can be popped through the ceiling aperture. Or they can be wired in-line with the power cord of an appliance. This summer sees the introduction of a weatherproof version for outdoor use from Timeguard.

Smart fused spurs are easy replacements for basic spurs, especially as the mains wiring is already in place. They can provide remote time control to wall and immersion heaters, towel rails, appliances like washing machines and dryers, and outdoor or display lighting.

Timeguard has Wi-Fi controlled security covered too with its integrated Wi-Fi camera, built to simply plug into any of its NightEye outdoor LED floodlights. It’s an approach that doesn’t require any extra wiring. The LED light and professional quality camera will both switch on when an intruder or visitor is detected.

Put your customers at ease

Customers’ eyes are open to the possibilities of smart control, but they’re wary of the downfalls of inferior specification. After all, no-one wants the hassle that comes along with poor quality, inadequate specification, vague instructions, and lacklustre support.

So, it makes sense to look for trusted brands with guaranteed quality and expert control using a stable, proven App like the global leader ‘TuYa’. Whether it’s to save energy and save money, improve security, or simply for added peace of mind, let’s all benefit from being ‘smart’.

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