Social distancing and office hygiene: can electrical installations hold the answers? | MK Electric

Social distancing and office hygiene: can electrical installations hold the answers? | MK Electric

As the country slowly returns to work, Emma Segelov, EMEA Marketing Operations Manager at MK Electric, looks at how electrical installations can help with social distancing and maximising hygiene in offices.

As businesses are looking to bring employees back to their offices, many employers are needing to rethink how they can create a safer workplace.

Government guidelines state that ‘Employers should re-design workspaces to maintain 2 metre distances between people by staggering start times, creating one way walk-throughs, opening more entrances and exits, or changing seating layouts.’

To ensure that employees can return to work safely and make social distancing work in an office, staff will need access to power and data outlets wherever they may be located. A flexible distribution system is key to this.

Floorboxes provide connection to the power and data distribution system without the restrictions of being perimeter wall-mounted. When thoughtfully designed, these can deliver 100% floor coverage. For raised floors, the new, cost-effective MK Essentials Floorbox is designed for value without compromising on quality. It’s a three-compartment box with a practical range of plates that is quick and easy to install and is backed by a five-year guarantee. MK’s new Above the Desk modules provide convenient desk-top access to power, data and USB charging direct to the end user. Thanks to an integral C clamp, 13A plug and cable, they’re simple to install – or relocate, wherever they’re needed.

Another consideration is how wiring devices can contribute to a healthier environment. After all, every touch point may present opportunity for contagions to spread. Whilst more frequent cleaning and encouraging staff to regularly wash their hands offer fundamental ways to minimise the spread of germs, using products with built-in anti-bacterial properties can help too. Choosing products that are easier to clean will also support enhanced hygiene practices.


MK Electric’s Logic Plus range is produced using urea formaldehyde; a high-grade thermoset material that has similar intrinsic properties to antimicrobial additives and kills harmful bacteria. The range is scratch-free thanks to high quality mould tools, meaning there are no dirt traps for germs to hide in.

If you’re specifying or installing PVCu cable management systems, MK Electric’s Prestige 3D Antibac Blue uses an additive within the PVCu which acts as an effective weapon in killing harmful bacteria. It provides a 99.9%+ kill rate against MRSA, E. coli and Klebsiella pneumonia. There is no loss of effectiveness where the trunking lengths are cut on-site or if the surface becomes scuffed or scratched, and it can be specified alongside Logic Plus to provide a complete antibacterial solution.

More than 80% of MK Electric’s products sold in the UK and Ireland are also manufactured in the UK, enabling us to provide a level of certainty around product availability, even during periods of increased demand. After all, contractors will want to get back to business and generate revenue quickly without being held up by unavailability of supplies.

Whether you’re designing, installing or maintaining electrical systems for offices or other commercial premises, you can be confident of a reliable solution from MK Electric. With the right products in the workplace to minimise the spread of germs and enable social distancing, contractors can help businesses get back up and running safely and allow employers/employees greater peace of mind.

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