Surface wiring on trend with D-Line’s cable management innovations

Surface wiring on trend with D-Line’s cable management innovations

As our industry keeps pace with innovative technologies, notable too is how interior design trends have in recent years brought more surface installations.

Aside the minimal fuss, often in back-to-basic settings, with no space for cavity walls, the surface option saves hassle. Then there‘s ongoing a reduced risk of curious critters gnawing insulation, or the shock of a misplaced picture nail!

Being approximately 10x faster to install compared to channelling walls (and redecorating), makes the surface routing option more attractive again.

It follows that cable management ranges have needed to develop for the modern designer; a challenge taken up by D-Line.

For example D-Line saddles need only one screw-fixing, that becomes invisible by a wrap & lock design that tightly holds the conduit. Compared to traditional saddles, installation time is approximately halved as a sleek and streamlined appearance is achieved.

That said, for any smooth wall D-Line ½-round trunking can give conduit ‘a good run for its money’. No saddles are needed, bends are quicker to install, and cabling is easier to route!

Installers can use the self-adhesive tape to position the length, then secure D-Line U-clips and D-fix screws before routing the cables. Snap shut the click-lock lid, then clip-on any bends or tees, to give a BS7671 compliant installation that is ‘quick to install, look great!’

While white D-Line trunking can be painted, D-Line’s black and metallic-finishes can make a striking feature.

Just as our industry forever adapts to wider changes, it is ‘good to see’ how cable management innovations have evolved to enable surface installations that combine speed, safety and style, in ways that can be most attractive in all aspects.

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