Product Test: Armeg 16-Piece Twister Drilling set

Product Test: Armeg 16-Piece Twister Drilling set

PE Product Tester, Peter Gill, tries out the new Armeg 16-piece Twister drilling set for size.

What attracted you to the product in the first place?

I’ve been a big fan of Armeg’s products for some time now, a love affair that first started when I purchased the Acceler8% Sheet Steel holesaw set many years ago. I was so impressed with the quality and longevity of these hole saws that Armeg has been my brand of choice for this particular product category ever since.

Needless to say, when the opportunity to trial the latest 16-piece Twister drilling set for impact drivers arose I was right at the front of the queue.

What were your initial impressions of the tool?
The kit is supplied in a very stylish and robust case that protects and keeps all the bits in their correct places. The case is very compact, which makes it the perfect size to slip into my tool rucksack, especially as I do a lot of work in city centres where I may have to park a fair distance away from the actual site. As you can imagine, the last thing I want to be doing is carrying loads of different items back and forth, so this product solves all those issues.

All the bits feature ¼” quick-change drive shanks, which are made to ISO 1173 to fit all impact drivers, and all the most popular drill bit sizes that electricians require are included in the kit.

There’s also a broad range of ‘smarter’ drill bits which are each purpose designed for optimum performance within specific materials:

Wood: Stubby Nail-Proof WoodBeaver wood bits (20mm & 25mm);

Metal: HSS Cobalt Drill Bits (3, 4, 5 & 6mm), Acceler8% Sheet Steel Holesaws (20, 25 & 32mm);

Masonry: Multi-material Drill Bits (2 x 5.5mm, 1 x 6, 7 & 8mm).

In addition, a quick-change SDS Plus adaptor and 230mm ¼” extension rod are also included, ensuring the kit has everything you could need; just slip it into your tool bag, along with your impact driver, and you’re away.

Was the kit easy to use?
I found it very simple to use – all you have to do is choose the required bit for the job, fit it into your impact driver and off you go!

What type of jobs did you use the kit for?
I used the Twister set on jobs in both domestic and commercial properties and I found that it contained everything I needed in the one kit – all I had to do was open up the case and everything was housed in its own individual place for ease of access and neatness. This also helps with alleviating those situations where you’ve forgotten to pack individual bits that you can just guarantee you’ll need when you end up on-site.

Are there any features and benefits that you particularly enjoyed?
The hard carry case and clip lock is great, as is the foam inlay inside for the bits to be located. I lost count of the amount of comments I had on-site from other professionals who said how much they liked the kit and how professional it looked. It made life so much easier as I knew where all the bits were and I could feel confident that I had what I needed to complete a job.

What improvements would you suggest?
It would be great if there was the option of having a shoulder strap so that the kit can be carried on your shoulder if you have a lot of other items that take up the available room in your tool bag.

Would you recommend the product to other professionals?
Yes I certainly would. The quality of the Twister set is fantastic (as you’d expect from Armeg) and each item carried out the job it was designed for with ease. Reliability is a significant priority for us electricians, as any down-time can prove costly, so you can feel confident that every individual component in the kit will offer longevity and reliability.

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