Product Test: Dickies Tiber SS Trainer

Product Test: Dickies Tiber SS Trainer

As manufacturers continue to produce modern alternatives to the traditional safety boot, Roger Bisby tries out the Tiber SS Trainer from Dickies.

The introduction of safety ‘trainers’ to the respective portfolios of workwear manufacturers in recent times has brought with it a fight to overcome a number of pre-conceptions – after all, aren’t trainers supposed to be for casual wear while work boots are more suited to the construction environment?

There are so many factors that go into making compliant safety footwear, including features such as slip resistance, where the footwear is placed on a variety of slippery materials, none of which are banana skins; electrical conductivity, if you want to discharge static, or non-conductivity, if you want to stop current running to earth; and, of course, impact resistance of the toe.

The miracles of modern technology, however, mean that this type of safety functionality can indeed been incorporated into lighter weight PPE, as proven by the Tiber Safety Trainers from Dickies.

Safety first
Containing absolutely no metal, whilst maintaining all the protective elements of heavier steel safety footwear products, the trainers’ toe-cap and midsole both contain composite safety features for all round penetration and impact resistance. You’d expect, therefore, for them to weigh a ton of bricks, but the use of an extremely lightweight mesh and microfibre upper, as well as a lightweight EVA/rubber outsole, ensures they won’t wear you down throughout the working day.

I wore these shoes for a few hard days where I was on my feet for the entire period and found them to be stylish, comfortable and robust. Featuring a padded collar and tongue, along with a shock absorbent heel, they were able to withstand the types of rigours associated with the construction site, including a few items dropped on to the toes that would certainly have resulted in a trip to the nearest A&E department had I been wearing standard trainers. An element of comfort is sacrificed through the liner/insole but these form an integral part of the shoe and I found that selecting a better quality sock easily overcame this particular issue.

Because my feet didn’t feel like they’d been squeezed into an armoured tank on a daily basis, as can be the case with heavier duty work boots, they felt light and airy – like they’d been able to breathe all day. As a result, my weekly visit from the chiropodist is no longer required!

If you’re in the market for footwear that can modernise your look while offering the safety you require at a sensible price then the Tiber Safety Trainers are highly recommended.

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