Product Test: JCC Hybrid9 Downlight

Product Test: JCC Hybrid9 Downlight

Kev Young of Chichester Electricians takes the JCC Hybrid9 downlight for a spin.

When PE asked me to review the new Hybrid9 downlights from JCC, I jumped at the chance. In addition to the downlights, I’ve been champing at the bit to get hold of some of the new LevLink connectors to use and the Hybrid9 comes with these supplied in the package. JCC is also a local company and I always like to support local businesses, where possible. 

The unit itself is a solid piece and certainly feels well built. The fly lead from the Hybrid9 to the male part of the LevLink connector is around 200mm in length and, again, is of a suitable quality to compliment the rest of the product.

A 76mm hole is required for the Hybrid9 so (for me) this meant enlarging the existing holes in the ceiling. Once this was done, the Hybrid9 slipped in with ease and held securely in place with the adjustable spring retention clips which can be in one of two positions to compensate for different ceiling thicknesses. There’s an intumescent seal around the lip to maintain the fire rating and, being IP65 rated, they were suitable for installation in the shower room project I was working on.

A good fit?
I have to say that I found wiring the LevLink to be a doddle, taking less than 10 seconds to insert your solid or stranded wire into the push-fit connectors for loop in/out. Cable retention is achieved via the lid, which has a little ratchet clip so there’s no need for an additional cable restraint bar which is often found in other products on the market. It’s then a simple matter of connecting the male and female parts and job done! There’s no need for any screwdriver to dismantle the LevLink connector either, all of this can be done with your fingers.

A key feature of the Hybrid9 downlight is that after its 50,000 hour life, the LED modules can be swapped out with a simple twist, and then replaced to further extend their life.

This is also handy if trends change and the customer wants to redecorate, as the module can be popped out, the ceiling painted and the module then popped back in again with a different flavour aluminium bezel; white, chrome or brushed nickel, and a choice of warm (3000K) or cool white (4000K) LED module.

Talking of aesthetics, the on-board microchips aren’t as visible as some cheaper units, which is useful if you’re working on a high-end installation. The Hybrid9 is also dimmable and compatible with a lot of the proprietary modules out there.

Replacing the four existing downlights was done in less than 30 minutes, due to the simplicity of the connectors, which meant I had more time to enjoy my coffee and biscuit whilst watching the spreaders in action. Insulation can be laid over the can as JCC has designed it with plenty of ventilation slots and a hefty heatsink to draw heat away from the LED.

Overall I was really pleased to have the opportunity to take this test on and was very impressed with the quality of product and ease of installation that the Hybrid9 provides. As a result, it’ll be at the top of my shopping list for future projects.

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