Product Test: Snickers Workwear

Product Test: Snickers Workwear

Your own personal safety on-site can be greatly enhanced by the use of correct workwear, as Elly White of Kelly Electrics can testify after trying out some of Snickers’ latest gear.

I recently received a batch of the latest goods from Snickers and was happy to get the chance to share my thoughts with PE’s readers. The selection consisted of the 6201 ALL-ROUND Work Trousers, the 9112 D30 Lite Kneepads and the Solid Gear Pacific Athletic safety trainer, so I’ll take you through them all separately.

I’m not new to Snickers trousers by any means as I usually wear the women’s Canvas+ trousers, which have proved to be strong and comfortable. I found the 6201 ALL-ROUND Work Trousers, which are made using Dobby Pro Fabric, offered a more modern fit without losing the durability that we all require.

Snickers-Top Trousers

The mechanical airflow at the back of the knees provides additional comfort and the trousers feel light and flexible, which is particularly useful on days where I know I’m going to need versatility, such as working in loft spaces or crawling around foundations.

They stay really cool, so will prove great for days of intense work or when operating in warm environments. Bring on the summer!

The 9112 D30 Lite Kneepads are another new feature for me, but now I couldn’t dream of going to work without them. They’re made in D30 materials for improved impact protection and, when worn with Snickers trousers, they conform to EN 14404.


For me, they made working on sockets and running cables a much more comfortable experience and, since using them, I don’t have to worry so much about scratching my knees when I accidentally kneel on sharp things like screws or nails. I’m also happier that my knees will stay in better condition long term, which is important for me because I enjoy running and cycling outside of work.

The Solid Gear Pacific Athletic Safety Trainer is an aluminium toe capped trainer that has been a welcome addition to my work wardrobe. Before these shoes I had to choose between light, comfortable trainers or safe but heavy, awkward boots. Now these trainers give my feet the protection they need whilst remaining lightweight, which is great when I need to run up and down stairs or walk a long way on-site. They’ve also made climbing ladders and working in small spaces much easier and feature ESD protection to ensure that all static electricity is discharged.

Snickers-Solid Gear Pacifics

It’s a shame that the trainers are (currently) only made in men’s sizes, as they’re a little wide for my feet, however my podiatrist was impressed with them and asked me for the brand name so that he could recommend them to other patients of his that work in the trade!

For more information about the range of safety workwear from Snickers visit:

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