ToughBuilt’s ClipTech System: what are the advantages?

ToughBuilt’s ClipTech System: what are the advantages?

When it comes to pouches, totes, tool belts and accessories, ToughBuilt’s ClipTech system carries some real advantages. We find out more.

On a typical job, you’ve probably never calculated how much time, effort and energy you’ve spent going backwards and forwards to your tool bag or van to grab tools, fixings, fastenings and a hundred other things beside. If you did, the chances are the results would surprise you. ToughBuilt’s ClipTech system seeks to minimise this issue, helping professionals to organise their tools faster and easier, and allowing them to carry what they need, when they need. Increasing productivity on the job site is one of the key benefits the system offers. This heavy-duty range of tool bags, pouches, totes, belts and accessories are all compatible with the ClipTech system and can be connected by one clever little innovation.

Hub be good

Central to the system is the humble ClipTech Hub. This patented attachment point can be easily connected to any tool belt (whether that’s one of the four offered by ToughBuilt or one from other manufacturers) as well as to the manufacturer’s range of hard body Massive Mouth bags, totes, a ClipTech wall organiser, or even screwed directly to a wall or joist. The hub is part of over 50 products in the range and growing fast. “Once you start using ClipTech products, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them” explains ToughBuilt’s Matt Handley. “They combine practicality, versatility and flexibility in equal and impressive measure but ultimately increase productivity on the job site. “Key to the system’s ability to help you get organised like never before is a unique attachment point called a ClipTech Hub. These hubs can be used to attach one of our pouches virtually anywhere, without the need for any kind of tool and with the complete peace of mind of knowing, that once attached, your pouch will stay securely in place. You can add or remove different pouches from your tool belt as quick and readily as you need to.”

There are a number of pouches in the range to choose from in all shapes and sizes, including general utility pouches and mega supply pouches for holding hand tools, power tools, fixings, fasteners and other similar items. No matter which pouch or holster you choose, the manufacturer promises they’re ‘ToughBuilt’ in name and in nature. To cope with the most demanding site environments, they benefit from a rugged six-layer construction and use heavy-duty, reinforced rivets.

ToughBuilt is so sure about the quality, durability and longevity of its products that it is backing them up with a 25-year guarantee, which can be activated by registering your purchase on the company’s website.

In the bag

A well-designed tool bag is every tradesperson’s dream, and ToughBuilt’s ClipTech-enabled hard body Massive Mouth bags are packed with design features. These impact-tested bags come with a ClipTech bar, allowing you to attach multiple pouches and carry everything at once, meaning less trips to and from the van. The Rolling Massive Mouth bags feature rugged off-road wheels, a telescopic handle and waterproof body meaning less weight to carry, with a 38cm opening for clear visibility and quick access to what’s inside. Matt concludes: “Thanks to their durable, flexible and interchangeable nature, ClipTech products make it easier than ever to tailor your tool belt or work site storage to suit the task in hand and to have everything you need within arm’s reach.”

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