The benefits of flexible online training | Hager

The benefits of flexible online training | Hager

With the 2nd Amendment to the 18th Edition once more focussing minds on training needs, Ian Wassell, Technical and Training manager at Hager, outlines the benefits online learning can deliver for busy tradespeople.

All electrical contractors understand the vital importance of ongoing training, whether to top up existing skills, better understand forthcoming regulatory changes, or simply getting to grips with new and emerging product solutions about to hit the market.

As the industry continues to change, electrical professionals need to ensure that they also change with it and that they commit to continuing their professional development. However, time away from the tools to attend off-site training can be problematic for some. It may lead to potential work clashes, place added pressure on maintaining client relationships, and in some cases even impact on commercial revenues.

Time and logistical pressures

Acknowledging the logistical and time pressures electrical contractors are under, and the need to deliver more flexibility around learning, Hager Academy online has been a welcome addition. It provides an interactive learning solution designed to help keep electrical professionals up-to-date with the latest issues, trends, and industry regulations at a time and date which suits them best.

Designed by Hager’s team of technical experts, the online learning courses act as an extension to the high-quality courses offered in the Hager Academy. Ideal for those with busy schedules, the online courses offer professionals a convenient way to further their learning and development at their own pace. Whether it’s a quick top-up course or in-depth training, the latest information on wiring regulations or details on new Hager products, the platform is designed to have something of value for everyone.

Designed for on-the-go learning, courses are available 24/7 without a set time scale for completion, making them flexible around work schedules.


What’s proving popular?

Popular online training courses cover areas such as residential installations, arc fault detection and surge protection. ‘Solution Training’ courses on industry-related topics such as electric vehicle charging, and the most current wiring regulations are also available online and have already seen a number of those working in the industry take advantage of the learning available.

The time it takes to complete the courses will depend on the course selected, but the Hager Academy online platform is designed to offer access to a wide catalogue of learning so there is plenty to choose from, whatever a professionals’ specific need or time availability.

For those where time is at a real premium, ‘At A Glance’ courses, that take 5-10 minutes to complete, can be an ideal entry point for training needs. They’re aimed at people who want to enhance their knowledge on Hager’s product ranges. ‘Product Training’ courses that take around 30-45 minutes and are focussed on product technical aspects have also proved popular.

Personal dashboard and record

The platform also allows users to keep track of progress through a personal dashboard and they can look back at courses whenever they need a refresher. On completion of the ‘Product Training’ courses, and after passing a short quiz, a certificate is mailed out to participants.

Hager is committed to the continuing development of its online academy and the flexibility it provides to many in the trade. As the industry begins to digest the 2nd Amendment, Hager is investing and adding even more valuable resources to ensure professionals are supported through the transition.

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