The disappearing act: D-Line’s cable management for EV charger installations

The disappearing act: D-Line’s cable management for EV charger installations

We learn more about how D-Line’s products came to the rescue when an electrical firm was faced with the challenge of making a client’s EV-cable ‘disappear’.

Just as we strive for innovation and constantly push for improvements to our products, so we appreciate when innovative electricians use products to create new and better ways of undertaking tasks.

A recent example came from Adam Stears of SOTA Electrical in Fareham, when he took up a client’s challenge to ‘make the EV charger cable disappear’.

If it sounded more suited to a magician than an electrician, when channeling the wall was impractical, Adam still understood the client’s reservation of otherwise having the armoured cable looking conspicuous and ‘industrial’ on the rendered and magnolia-finish house front.

Disappearing act

With some smart thinking outside the box, the EV-charger cable was made ‘invisible’ by a D-Line combo of 50x25mm 1/2-round trunking and EVFIX10-17 Adjustable clips. Threse were simply installed using D-Fix fire-rated screws.

The 16mm diameter Doncaster EV Ultra cable was tightly secured by the ‘Wrap & Lock’ design of D-Line Adjustable clips (adjustable for securing cable diameters between 10-17mm), before the D-Line hinged-lid trunking was click-locked shut.

This quick and easy-to-install 18th Edition compliant solution was commented on as being ‘outstanding, for not standing out!’. The cost of D-Line 50x25mm trunking was a small price to pay, as it blended with the property to give a fantastic quality of finish… and a very happy customer!

Watch the product review/installation from SOTA Electrical here

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