The features and benefits of All LED’s iCan75 fire rated GU10 downlight

The features and benefits of All LED’s iCan75 fire rated GU10 downlight

We discover more about the many features and benefits on offer from All LED’s iCan75 fire rated GU10 downlight.

The revolutionary and award winning iCan75 fire rated GU10 downlight by All LED has remained at the forefront of the lighting industry since its launch. The original and unique innovation was designed in the UK and took over two years to develop from original sketch to final product.

The innovative twist and lock body allows all 12 bezels (fixed, adjustable and IP65) to be installed on the same fire rated body. This not only optimises stock for the electrical wholesaler, but also saves time and worry for the installer – giving full flexibility to change the units’ desired look without any difficulty. Yes, that’s right, one hole saw for the entire lot, one round of first fix – the bodies are all the same and are fully universal.

Keeping a low profile

The iCan75 is also shallow-void compliant and an insulation-coverable cap accessory is available where required. The iCan75 boasts one of the lowest profile and slimmest range of bezels with four elegant colours to choose from, all expertly finished to offer stunning aesthetics – even for those really high-end jobs. Colours to choose from are Polar White and Carbon Black (powder coated), Polished Chrome and Satin Nickel. Oh, and one more thing… the Polar White bezels are also paintable to match any surrounding ceiling colour!

One of the main things that users will notice is the superb finishing on all the iCan75 products. The Polar White is absolutely stunning and has really revolutionised the gloss-off white-blue paint that we are all so familiar with.

The Carbon black similarly is unique in that it is not just a standard black, it’s a very powerful black that makes the downlight aesthetically pleasing. The Chrome and Satin Nickel finishes are both extremely clean and free from any blemishes or scratches. Given all of that, it’s no wonder All LED really stands behind the product by offering a lifetime guarantee on the entire iCan75 range!

As anyone who has had to install lights on a job will know, it can be particularly challenging to get an end customer to specify what downlights are to be fixed, adjustable and IP65 – and getting that wrong can be a real pain.

The issue that the iCan75 solves is that the multiple different cut-outs for different fixed, adjustable or IP65 downlights that are available from some other lighting companies can cause issues further down the line for the installer and end user. Usually once downlights have been installed, it can become difficult to change their function to meet the customer’s needs without a variation in cut-out and/or replacing the entire fixture too.

With the iCan75, All LED has found the simple solution to all of these problems – an all-in-one fitting with interchangeable and easy to use accessories. In fact, the iCan75 is claimed to be the only fire rated downlight that exists in the market that allows you to select its functionality, features and looks after it has been installed.

The entire iCan range is 30, 60, 90 minute timber joist fire rated, as well as 30 minute StairCraft i-Joist fire rated. It is also Wolf Systems Metal Web Joist rated too. And isn’t it great when there is so much confidence in a product that it comes with a lifetime guarantee!

  • iCan from above
  • New modern kitchen interior

Flexible and convenient

As the name suggests, the iCan75 fits into the most common cut-out – 75mm – but even if you have a larger hole to work with, there is an accessory to fix this – iCan75 Slimline Converter Plates. These can fit a cut-out of 76mm to 125mm and match the chosen bezel colour of the original fitting, making the whole aesthetic appear seamless.

Other accessories that offer a range of extra functions to the iCan75 range include a selection of trimless plaster-in kits in both Carbon Black and Polar White, and the iCan75 Multiples range which offers several options to allow lighting clusters in formations of one (square plate), two, three and four downlights whilst at the same time retaining their fire rating.

In addition the iCan75 range has now expanded to include a new additional premium fitting – the iCan75 Platinum. This extension to the range has a newly designed can, with new bezels and baffles to match. The new bezels come in both fixed and adjustable options, again using the same twist and lock mechanism to change bezels and baffles after installation of the fixture.

Both the bezels and baffles come in Carbon Black and Polar White allowing for a range of differing styles, and the bezels also include optional additions of IP Glass, allowing the fixture to have an improved IP rating (IP65 for fixed and IP54 for adjustable) and a Honeycomb accessory to change the pattern of the distributed light.

Dimmer’s world

The entire range of iCan75 fittings can also be installed with All LED’s own selection of GU10 retrofittable dimmable lamps including the 5.5W Morgan, the 7W Jaguar and the brand new 4.7W Caterham with OptiDim advanced dimming technology, allowing it to be dimmed to zero, compatible with 99.1% of available dimmers.

The iCan range also has its smaller sister product, the iCan65, which is designed to fit a smaller cut-out of 65mm and comes with a selection of fixed and IP65 bezels in the same range of colours as the iCan75. This fixture also has accessories including an insulation cover and Polar White trimless plaster-in kit.

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