How To Fit The Thorn AquaForce Pro: Step-By-Step

How To Fit The Thorn AquaForce Pro: Step-By-Step

In this step-by-step guide we learn more about the easy, hassle-free process involved with fitting the AquaForce Pro lighting range.

Thorn Lighting’s AquaForce Pro redefines moisture proof lighting with its patented ‘EasyClick’ snap-on mechanism that allows for fast, easy mounting without the need for clips

AquaForce Pro sets a new standard for moisture and dust-resistant LED lighting. The super-lightweight and durable IP66 luminaire is designed to be simple to install, use and maintain, with long mounting sliders for retrofit compatibility and the unique EasyClick snap-on mechanism for simple, fast mounting.

The fitting has ten cable entry options and the internal driver can be easily accessed for maintenance when required, dramatically reducing installation and maintenance times for contractors. With a wide range of lumen outputs, AquaForce Pro also comes in an 8000 lm version, powerful enough to directly replace 2x58W or 2x49W conventional luminaires, making it an ideal choice for retrofit and refurbishment projects.

The unit can be controlled individually or in groups by presence or light sensors, and luminaires can even connect to each other wirelessly, for sophisticated control without the need to install any new cabling.


STEP 1 Start by lifting off the diffuser and removing the gear tray by pinching the quick-release clips at either end. Place safely to one side. The body is now free to mount to the surface.

STEP 2 AquaForce Pro offers ten cable entry points – two at each end and six on the back for BESA and central mounting. Once you’ve decided where your mains cable will be brought in, you’ll need to drill the point using the appropriate head piece.

STEP 3 The main body of the fitting is attached to the mounting clips. The long mounting sliders allow for AquaForce Pro to be retrofitted to existing mounting points. The mains power cable is inserted through the drilled hole and grommet. The grommets provided need to be used to close all openings. This ensures that the IP66 seal is maintained.

STEP 4 The mains power can then be connected to the gear tray, using the piano key terminal. Quick-connect and through-wiring versions are also available, which dramatically improve the speed and ease of install even further.

STEP 5 The gear tray can then be re-attached by simply pushing it back on to the quick-release clips at either end.

STEP 6 To finish, the diffuser is attached using the brand new and improved snap-on method; the EasyClick mechanism. The diffuser is simply pushed on to the housing, working down each side of the luminaire in parallel, applying pressure and using the side grooves for additional grip. You’ll hear each point click in to place. Any clicks that don’t fully engage can be easily spotted; a bump will appear along the side and the housing will not be flush with the diffuser. Just apply one more push to fully engage. All done!

Future maintenance

Gone are the traditional metal clips that can easily be removed, lost or damaged over time (not to mention the dirt than can accumulate underneath them). For any future maintenance access the diffuser can be removed at specific points using a flat head screwdriver – the durable polycarbonate material allows the diffuser to be re-attached using the EasyClick mechanism without any detrimental effect on the IP and IK rating.

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